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  1. Hey PA, Got any Deals going on right now?
  2. Coral Smoothie
  3. New "WYSIWYG" LPS Corals Just Added!
  4. Premium Aquatics Thanksgiving Sale!!!
  5. Vertex Pro-Bio Pellets Sale!
  6. Vertex Alpha 250 Skimmer - $300 Off!
  7. Reeflo Pump Clearance
  8. Subject: Sales, Specials, Updates via Text Message!
  9. ATI Bubble Master Closeout
  10. Mini Bubble King Sale 20% Off
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  12. Summer Heat Taking It's Toll On Your Tank?! Better Jump On This Cool Deal!!
  13. SeaSwirl 25% off ''Sizzlin' Summer Sale"
  14. IceCap VorTech Battery Backup Closeout $99
  15. Bulk GFO Now Available!
  16. CoralVue T5 LED Combo Hoods Available Now!
  17. Introducing Vertex Pro-Bio Pellets
  18. Giesemann 72" Infiniti Special
  19. AquaScience Closeout Sale! Expires 05/10/10
  20. Super Reef Octopus Skimmers Update
  21. Indo Pacific Coral Finder Guide
  22. Vertex 100gpd "RO/DI" Sale!
  23. Vertex Puratek 100gpd RO Sale!
  24. VolxJapan Grassy LeDio LED's Are Here!
  25. Vertex Alpha Cone Sale til March 31st
  26. New Koralia Nano & Evolution Pumps - Preorder Now!
  27. Check out the new Reef Brite LED lights!!!
  28. Don't miss our end of the year specials!
  29. The Ultimate Sicce Skimmer Upgrade
  30. Thanksgiving Super Sale!!!
  31. VHO Lighting Controller
  32. Super Reef Octopus XP-2000 Cone Skimmer - In Stock Now!
  33. Zeovit Additives Fall Sale - 20% Off All Items!!!
  34. Vortech MP10's in stock!!!
  35. Super Reef Octopus XP-2000 Cone Skimmer - coming August
  36. SWC Extreme Skimmer Fourth of July Special
  37. Neptune Apex Controller
  38. DT's Pure Reef Elements Now at Premium Aquatics
  39. PFO Led Solaris Clearance Sale
  40. ReefKeeper LITE Aquarium Controller - preorder available
  41. 14K Phoenix Halide bulbs available in single end
  42. Vertex Protein Skimmer Holiday Sale
  43. Holiday Sale on Sunilght Supply Halide Ballasts & Packages
  44. Orca Skimmer Holiday Sale - save up to $250 bucks