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Reefland's ELITE Sponsors

Reefland is proud to have these ELITE sponsors for our web site. These sponsors have made Reefland.com's continued operation possible so please support us by choosing them when you shop online! If you have a business or website and may be interested in sponsoring Reefland.com, please email us at admin@reefland.com!!

What do ELITE Sponsors get? What makes your Sponsorship ELITE?

  1. 1. All ELITE Sponsors RETAILERS & MANUFACTURES names and links to their websites will appear in periodic emails to our member base, all 36,000 of them. Thanking them for support and periodically directing them to visit your site and or Facebook/Youtube Channel.

  2. 2. All ELITE Sponsor RETAILERS receive the ability to post to the Reefland Homepage http://www.reefland.com twice a month. Directly to our main URL's homepage, images, links the whole 9 yards. You can use this ability to promote your products, sales, discounts codes, whatever you like. Google Webmaster Tools tells us there are 10,085 links that link back directly to the Reefland.com homepage, one hell of an exposure opportunity for you.

  3. 2A. All ELITE Sponsors MANUFACTURES will receive a post on the homepage http://www.reefland.com and our Facebook Page whenever you release a new product. A New Product Alert. Also these alerts will be posted to the Sponsors Forum for you. Less work, more exposure, win win.

  4. 3. All ELITE Sponsors RETAILERS & MANUFACTURES will receive two rotating ads and will share equally on all banner ad displays. These ads are a small right hand gallery ad on http://www.reefland.com and a standard 468px × 60px banner ad rotating at the top and bottom of every forum and photo gallery view.

  5. 4. All ELITE Sponsors RETAILERS & MANUFACTURES will receive a fully moderatorable forum in our ELITE highlighted section above all your other potential competition. This forum will be 100% moderated by you, meaning not only can you post threads you can post links, you can edit anything you want, you can delete anything you want. You have full control over everything in your ELITE forum.

  6. 5. All ELITE Sponsors RETAILERS will receive access to post Items for sale in our Swap Meet forum. This is a perfect forum that will allow you to sell/liquidate clearance items, open box returns, special deals, etc. Only ELITE Sponsors will be allowed to post in our Swap Meet Buy/Sell/Trade forum. This is perfect for any online retailers looking to move some customer returns.

  7. 6. All ELITE Sponsors RETAILERS & MANUFACTURES will receive a specialized profile badge that will allow you to stand out among the crowd and among your competition. This badge will show our customers that you are a 100% vetted sponsor of Reefland so posts for example of Open Box Return gear are from a trusted source.

NO other forum sponsorship program offers such great perks. Stand alone in front of the competition with Reefland.com

Please help us rebuild Reefland.com into the amazing community it once was. We are offering special introductory rates at this time while we rebuild our reputation as one of the best aquarium forums around. Don't let this chance slip by you, please email us today at admin@reefland.com


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