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    Blue Hippo, ICH, Skin Infvection, Fungus? What to do

    About a week ago I added ... I just realized all of these posts start with the same sentence.

    So about a week ago I added about 50 Astrea snails to a 150 gallon year old tank. My Emperator Angel likes to hunt and eat snails at least 1-2 a day and I like to see my rocks and acrylic naturally cleaned, so I add snails about every 3 months.

    Community all about a year old each:
    Blue Hippo
    Powder blue
    Emperator angel
    Yellow tang
    3 chromis
    3 firefish gobys
    1 diamond back goby
    1 xl purple lobster

    As you can see from the pictures my diamond goby makes it hard to see anything anymore, but hopefully you can see the spot Im talking about.
    Alot of those white specks on the pictures are flaoting Sand from the diamond back digging holes relentless all day every day, but you can see from going to the next picture and so on where the white spots are always there.

    1 week after adding the snails, via half a tank transfer method, Just today I see the blue hippo brushing against rocks and hanging out at the cleaner shrimp all day and he has a white spot or hole on his back lower fin.

    Also I notice one small white spot under the black curly in his mid section that comes and goes and what looks like a large white dot at the bottom back fin, it might be a whole in his fin.

    I have always assumed I was parasite free having built the tank from extreme excessive compulsive tank transfer method rotating a fish to a new bucket every day an a half with brand new water for 4 weeks before they get added to the tank. One reason I believed I was sucessful is the amount of stress on these fish has been extensive from various other drama with pumps failing, failed tank seal living in buckets for 2 weeks until a new tank could arrive, changing out Sand, removing most of the rock in an all day hunt to move another fish to permanent quarantine who was trying to kill everyone ("taxi-cab" clown trigger).

    I feed them once a day exclusively New Life Spectrum Thera A Regular sized pellets the one with garlic (as if garlic does anything) and they all seem to love it and everynow and then I'll sprinkle some in the evening for a second small feeding.

    Check out the attached pictures and let me know if you think this guy needs quarantine or if im just being over protective. If I remove him to treat him my thought is that I need to remove everyone because if that is a virus that water is now infected, and to sanitize and start over performing tank transfer 3 week method in order to get everyone back into the tank with brand new water, only after all the rock and sand have completely dried out.
    Is this a Bacteria, Fungus, Skin Infection, or ICH type virus?

    I know some parents will pick up their kids pacifier off the floor and shove it back into their mouths and those kinds are likely much healthier than another kid who is on antibiotics twice a year for whatever random reason each time to get rid of his/her symptoms.

    So im torn, all comments, flames, flamers, opinions, advice are welcome, I need to hear as much as from every angle as possible to decide what to do next...

    I refuse to dump copper in the tank because the srhimp would die along with snails and the purple lobster, maybe Malachite Green or something.
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    Re: Blue Hippo, ICH, Skin Infvection, Fungus? What to do

    Can't tell from the pics exactly whats on the fish, possibly white spot.
    Hippo Tangs are notorious for this. I had one for a few years that would get it everytime I moved that tank around. I did nothing, the fish was healthy enough to get rid of it herself.
    Up to you about the QT, I never removed the Tang, and none of my other fish ever got it, if they are healthy and not in any stress, they should be fine.


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