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Tank Size:
20 Gallon High

Lighting is provided by an Aqua Medic Ocean light pendent with an AB 250w DE 20k bulb. I will be changing to a Hamilton 14k very soon and hope to have better growth without any loss of color.

Approximately 40lbs of LR, mostly Fiji, in the display. 5-10lbs of Tonga branch rubble in the refugium which also contains both Chaetomorpha and Gracilarus macroalgae. Mechanical filtration is provided by a Red Sea Prizm. I skim as wet as I possibly can and I also run carbon 24/7 for added clarity.

I am currently running 3 Maxi Jet 1200’s aimed in all directions including straight at the bare bottom. Other circulation is added by the returns from the skimmer, carbon filter and refugium.

Current Fish:

1 Neocirrhites armatus (Flame Hawk)
1 Premnas biaculeatus(Gold Stripe Maroon Clown)

Acropora millepora (green)
Pocillopora damicornis
Seriotopora hystrix – Birdsnest
Montipora digitata – atleast 5 different color morphs
Xenia sp.
Favia sp.
Caulastrea sp.
Acanthastrea echinata – 2 different color morphs
Herpolitha limax – This coral just split off a small piece, tissue has grown around the split and I have a baby on my hands.
Fungia sp. – 3 colors
Pavona clavus
ORA tricolor
Purple bonsai
Actinodiscus discosoma
Ricordia yuma – 3 colors
Ricordia florida – 5 or so colors
Zoanthids – 4 colors
Parazoanthus – yellow polyps
Platygyra sp.– Maze Brain

Asterina folium– I went from 3 to atleast 20Ophioderma rubicundum – ruby brittle star
Haliclona sp. – My favorite sponge due to it’s intense blue color
Paraguristes cadenati
Terebellids – Spaghetti worms
Green Emerald Mithrax Crab
A patriotic mix of red white and blue feather dusters
Vermetid snails
Cerith Snails
Nerite Snails
Nassarius Vibex Snails
Blueleg Hermits
Scarlet Reef Hermits
Epicystis crucifer – (flower anemone)
Stomatella varia – These critters multiply very rapidly and are an awesome addition to any cleanup crew. Rick I haven’t forgotten you buddy!!
Mysis shrimp that appeared out of nowhere and are now living everywhere from the refugium to the skimmer. Good Snacks for the fish!
There are plenty more from the last two categories that I haven’t identified yet. It’s embarrassing to say but I’m overstocked and will have to upgrade soon or there will be problems.
Current Water Parameters:
Specific Gravity 1.025 – 1.026
Temp 80 – 84 Degrees
pH 8.1 – 8.45
Alk 10-12 dkH
Calcium – 450 ppm
NO3 – 0
Phosphate – 0Mainenance Routine:
I keep at least 5 gallons of ASW mixing at all times in a black bucket with a sealed lid. I change 2 gallons weekly after blowing off the LR and siphoning out whatever has settled on the bottom. The Chaetomorphadoesn’t tumble in my small refugium so I flip it weekly giving it a good shake each time. Skimmer cup is emptied and cleaned weekly and the entire system is given a good wipe down and thorough inspection. Top off is all RO/DI with a 0 tds reading but I alternate 1 day of just H20 and the next day is a limewater drip. It works for me…carbon is changed weekly also.The fish are fed twice daily. The morning food is a small chunk I made myself by blending every kind of seafood I could find together along with a drop or two of Selcon and some minced garlic that I froze together. The second feeding is done in late evening right before the photoperiod ends. I feed either sweet water zooplankton, formula two pellets or formula one flakes. The corals are spot fed twice weekly with either Cyclop-Eeze or DT’s phytoplankton using the most magical tool ever…A turkey baster.

Favorite Fish, Coral and Invert:
As far as corals go I’m a huge Montipora digitata fan. I also love Zoanthids. Favorite fish I’ve ever owned would have to be my Neocirrhites armatus. They have the most awesome personality and intelligent eyes I’ve ever seen a fish have. I have a feeling if I had a larger system I might grow to love the Anthias and Angelfish. Favorite Invert would have to be my Ruby Brittle Star. I was advised not to purchase this animal due to the size of my system but I had to rescue it from the LFS I was working at or it would have perished very quickly. I still have it to this day and from time to time can even handle it during feedings. A while back it lost an arm but has since grown it back. That just goes to show how resilient some of the marine life can be.

What Major Transitions Has This Tank Went Through:
This system got off to a rough start. My buddy who introduced me to this hobby had no clue that the advice he was giving me was completely wrong. I was overpopulated before things even began to cycle. I had parasites, algae problems etc. etc. until I found Looking back at my first couple 100 or so posts is pretty embarrassing. You guys helped me figure this out for the most part and are responsible for turning a stressful situation into the most beautiful thing I’ve ever had the luxury of caring for. Like most I went from a fish only to polyps/LPS and I have since grown to love SPS, which now dominate my reef. This system has survived 4 moves since March of 2004 due to my military service and will endure plenty more in the coming years.What Drives This Beautiful Aquarium:
I’m a Pisces and have always loved the water. I grew up swimming and diving on Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas and worked on the Little Red River as a dockhand/ Trout Guide for about 6 years. When I began scuba diving I remember sitting on the bottom for the first time busting mussels open to feed the fish and thinking about the underwater world that most people never get to experience. I’ve never been diving on an actual reef but the one I maintain is 1000X more interesting than any fresh water lake I’ve ever been in. One day I’ll get my chance but until then my little piece of the reef will have to do.Future Plans:
In addition to the 20 gallon I also maintain a 5 gallon prop tank and what will be a Mangrove. I will continue to maintain these and have plans to setup a 75 gallon within the year. My sister has taken interest and wants to start a seahorse tank so I will be researching that pretty heavily soon. I will continue to setup as many systems as possible until I either A. run out of room or B. Can’t pay the bills. Eventually I would like to setup a Green House to propagate and would like to own a small shop. We’ll see where life takes me.
What’s your favorite pass-time?
At a very young age my dad brought me home a Kawasaki KX 60 dirtbike. I’ve been on a motorcycle every since but don’t ride on dirt anymore. Today I ride a 2005 Kawasaki 636R. I’ve put every Japanese aftermarket race part on this bike that is out at this point in time. I’m running about 137 hp on a 410lb motorcycle and love every twist of the throttle.
Tell us about your dream system:
I’d love to have biotope tanks and wouldn’t mind setting up as many as I could possibly piece together from all over the world but that’s easier said than done. I’d also love to have a system so big that I could scuba dive in it HAH!
In your mind, what is ethical reefkeeping?
This has all been said before but to me Ethical Reefkeeping means providing the best possible environment for the lives we bring into our homes. As hobbyists we have the advantage of being able to observe what goes on 24/7. I feel that we are responsible for sharing our observations and knowledge so that anyone who wants to maintain a reef can do it…we’re doing a dang good job IMO. Somewhere in the future I’d like to see standards set as to what’s considered aquacultured and what isn’t cause there are too many different opinions on the subject. We need to keep accurate logs of our aquariums and of our observations. As hobbyists we also need to demand healthy specimens and good advice from wherever we purchase our animals and I feel that whenever possible Aquacultured/captive raised animals should be the first consideration.
Any advice for others?
Research, Research, Research. Don’t make impulse buys or there’s a good chance you will waste your money and harm some beautiful creature. Get involved with your local reef clubs or on Boards like because the shop owners care about your money. The clubs and boards are where the caring and good advice can be found.
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