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Apex Wav & 1Link Review

I’ve had the wav power heads for about two months now so I thought it a fair time to write up a review. First I must say you need an apex controller in order to use these puppies. Previously to owning these power heads I had two MP40’s so I will be comparing the wav to them. I got to… [Read More]

Exact idip

This is what you will receive in the kit minus the calcium test.  I had to purchase that separately cause at MACNA they did not have the Marine kit available. The  App will keep track of all your tests as long as you save them, you can look back and see the difference in changes. These are just some of… [Read More]

Setting The Location Of a Reef Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] It is significant to decide upon the place where you are about to set up a new reef tank. A reef tank is quite different from a freshwater or a saltwater fish-only tank hence requires extra efforts when you are about to set it up. Unless absolutely necessary you cannot move the reef tank from one place to the… [Read More]

What to look for while picking an Aquarium Store

    When you are about to buy livestock for your aquarium you look for the appropriate source where quality is taken care of. Every time you may not want to depend on online ordering of corals and fishes especially need to be bought from a good retail store where hygiene is god and you are ensured that the new… [Read More]

Effects of GFO in a saltwater tank

        GFO or Granulated Ferric Oxide is used in aquariums for removing phosphates. GFO is efficient in doing this by chemical reaction in which phosphate combines with the GFO, removing it from the water column. It will also bind together other organic compounds and certain metals that are not required in a saltwater tank, thus removing them… [Read More]

Vodka dosing in reef tank

    Since the past few years there have been experiments regarding opinions of reputed aquarists about vodka dosing for Probiotics. Probiotics is basically promoting certain psudonomus bacteria with an available carbon source in order to reduce NO3 (Nitrate) and PO3 (Phosphate) levels in saltwater aquariums. In previous posts we have discussed new tank syndrome and ways to tackle. This… [Read More]

Conserving Energy in a Reef Tank

          The increasing concern of energy conservation is also a major issue for reef keeping hobbyists. While freshwater tank consumes energy through pumps and a small part through lights, saltwater tank, mostly coral keeping ones, can’t do without high intensity lights. And the wattage consumed by pumps are much lesser compared to those consumed by high… [Read More]

Monetizing the Reef Keeping Fad

Following a hobby like reef keeping is no inexpensive task. The overall asset you put into maintaining its healthy and uninterrupted growth combined with the price you pay for buying the livestock and equipments can cost you a fortune. The need for high intensity lighting shows up in your electricity bills. Other than real enthusiasts, not everyone might want to… [Read More]

Living through Power Outage

      Power outages due to storm and hurricane can happen anywhere. While most people will have only air-conditioners and refrigerators to worry about, an aquarist will have an extra problem to tackle; making the aquarium survive. If the power outage is scheduled for a few hours, it will hardly make a difference, but those 3 days or more… [Read More]

Converting a freshwater tank into saltwater tank

Do you own a freshwater aquarium that you always wanted to convert into saltwater aquarium but worried that it costs more maintenance? Fact is every kind of aquarium, big or small, needs some level of care and maintenance to keep them healthy and clean. Saltwater tank is no such exception. If you are enthusiastic about turning your freshwater tank into… [Read More]

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