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Feature: Linckia Star – Linckia spp.

One of our favorite Stars of a Reef aquarium, Blue Linckia can be a great addition.  These starts required a bit of extra care but once they are introduced then can be very successful in a large well established tank.   They are very personable and will contort themselves into making tons of weird looking configurations.  Some times even appearing… [Read More]

Feature: Mexican Turbo Snail – Turbo fluctuosa

The BEAST from the EAST as I like to call it.  The Mexican Turbo Snail is a favorite part of any cleanup crew.  Turbos are large algae grazing snails that are perfect for a reef tank with a lot of algae.  They can grow upwards of 4 inches although in home aquaria you usually don’t see them larger then 2… [Read More]

Aiptasia – understanding, control and removal

[google_adsense_in_post] Aiptasia is a widespread and useless guest in saltwater aquariums, also known as Glass, Rock, Tube, or Glass Rose anemones, and they have a capacity to multiply rapidly and contending for food and space assertively. They often come uninvited hitchhiking in live rock or on coral colonies, waiting for the best time to grow in your aquarium. Every saltwater… [Read More]

Rotifer culturing in saltwater tank

      Usually rotifers are cultured in freshwater tanks where they are kept for carrying valuable nutrients to young fry and filter-feeding invertebrates. But in saltwater tank too they can be highly beneficial to coral’s nutrition and growth. They are extremely small and multiply very quickly so they can become many in just a short period of time. The… [Read More]

Culturing Phytoplankton

Phytoplankton is gaining popularity in the world of reef keeping. They are the fundamental organism in the marine food web and considered the staple food for many tiny marine organisms. Phytoplankton is a cluster of photosynthetic plankton composed of several species. Taken as a whole they are helpful as a supply of diet for other tiny organisms with varying features… [Read More]

Reef Friendly Crabs

Usually added to join the janitor family in reef aquariums, crabs are indeed of help in cleaning the wastes and leftover nutrients. For large tanks there indeed has to be one or two of these cleaning crew to prevent algal blooms. However, not all crabs are reef safe. Some grow enormously, some eat up the coral tissues, some are aggressive… [Read More]

Another Uninvited Visitor – Flatworms

When it comes to maintaining a healthy reef tank, many aquarists will agree to it that there are many intruders that are a threat. Some are disastrous in the long run while some cause instant debacle. Not all intruders are crooks and neither is every one of them friendly. While some worms are an absolute pro to reef growth and… [Read More]

Sea Cucumbers — Caretakers or Troublemakers?

      We have discussed the cleanup crew including the different snails an  herbivores eaters. Get your tank set for another caretaker of reef tanks, the sea cucumber. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms belonging to the class Holothuroidea. They are marine animals featuring a leathery skin and an extended body containing a single, branched gonad. They are extensively found on the sea floor globally. The biggest controversy on… [Read More]

Hitchhiking With The Live Rocks

    The live rocks constitute an important part in enhancing the looks of the any reef aquarium. Its chief function as a superior biological filter that hosts both aerobic and anaerobic nitrifying bacteria required for the nitrogen cycle that processes waste does wonders to all reef tanks. Apart from the benefits of adding live rocks in reef tanks we… [Read More]

Give your aquatic pets a clean and disease free verve

      Aquatop UV Sterilizing Pump with UVP9 and 9W UV is no ordinary name in the field of aquarium keeping. People who have tried it know well that it gives what it promises. For those who have yet to try, here is a short analysis. Not a new problem for folks who have been in the hobby of… [Read More]

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