az egészségbiztosítás hordozhatóságáról és elszámoltathatóság törvény hipaa gyermek egészségügyi Szövetség óra után

Exact idip


This is what you will receive in the kit minus the calcium test.  I had to purchase that separately cause at MACNA they did not have the Marine kit available.image

The  App will keep track of all your tests as long as you save them, you can look back and see the difference in changes.


These are just some of the tests that you can purchase in the App Store they have bundles so you’re not spending a fortune and this way you only purchase what you need.


This is  iPhone app it is very easy to use.

 So this is the exact Idip I purchased this at MACNA.  After using it for two months I feel I can finally write a review. Let me tell you my aquarium testing is extremely simple and fast. I can do my three main tests every single day in under two minutes, there’s no drops, no vials  it’s so easy my kid could do it.  You do however need a smart phone with Bluetooth in order to use this device but in this day and age who doesn’t have that?  The reason they’re able to keep the unit so cheap is because the brain is in your phone.  To test you connect it  to your phone than you select the test you want you take out the strip you fill the meter with the water hit zero/on than you hit read dip your strip into the water and swish it around for the amount of time which is 20 seconds than  discard the strip. At this point you can continue to do more tests  by dumping out that water and starting all over again. When you are done with all your tests you can save to yourself, or a customer if you are useing for a business.  I’m sure in the future they will add the ability to have a graph for your parameters they seem very helpful and friendly whenever I’ve called.  To get the unit you can click here As always free shipping and amazing customer service. The unit is still new and a lot of stores have not picked up on this yet.  I got to say hands-down I have never tested my tank as much as I do now.