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Beautiful Seagrasses – Keeping True Flowering Plants in Your Marine Aquarium

Beautiful Seagrasses – Keeping True Flowering Plants in Your Marine Aquarium By: Anthony Calfo Sought after by aquarists around the world, the Hawaiian bristle-tooth, Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis, is a member of the best Tang genus for algae control on soft substrates like in seagrass displays. Picture and Caption by Anthony Calfo For some years now, private aquarists have begun to realize… [Read More]

Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance By: Scott Zachow A beautiful reef aquarium featured in the March Edition of RHO. With a some structured routine maintenance, any aquarium can display the same beauty. Picture by Eric and Sheila Ropke. Next to only cost, aquarium maintenance is a major reason more people don’t maintain their own marine aquarium. Think about it, while you converse with… [Read More]

Aquarium Log Development

Update:Aquarium Log Development By: Scott Zachow & Gene SchwartzOne year ago, almost to the day, began offering a new service for it’s members; The Personal Online Aquarium Log. The Personal Online Aquarium Log idea was nothing new, it was something that was consider as a service on for some time. The problem was there was no time for it to… [Read More]

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