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Texas A&M Installs 300 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

[google_adsense_in_post] Texas A&M has installed a new 300 gallon saltwater aquarium on the lower level of the university’s Texas A&M Memorial Student Center. The 300-gallon saltwater aquarium is an Earth Day gift to the Brazos Valley from the Texas Sea Grant College Program at Texas A&M and has been installed on the lower level of the Memorial Student Center (MSC)… [Read More]

Mirage’s Incredible 20,000-Gallon Saltwater Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] The mirage in Las Vegas is a famous spot for splurging and for having the most amazing holiday experience you can think of. Its casinos, volcanoes and gardens leave no doubt that the place has a lot of offer you at any time of the day. A very special feature of Mirage which you cannot leave unnoticed is its… [Read More]

How to Set-up Your First Saltwater Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] This topic might not be something new under the sun but we still found some people confused about beginning with their first saltwater aquarium. There are doubts and queries regarding reef keeping, its maintenance, expenses, care and the set-up. There are worries if they will be able to get it right or end up with nuisances and blunders. You… [Read More]

Dealing with Foam Build-up

        Foam build-up is a common problem in the saltwater tank. While freshwater aquarium hobbyists may experience this problem as well, it is more common in saltwater tanks. This problem is easily solved if caught quickly and you can avoid detrimental effect on your aquarium fish. [google_adsense_in_post] One of the possibilities of building up of foam on… [Read More]

Aquascaping Your Saltwater Aquarium

              Dressing up your tank is a very pleasant experience. A little imagination and motivation can go a long way. You would always want to create an environment that is both beneficial to the tank residents and that is aesthetically pleasing. Livestock that is on the larger size will require some rock or pieces… [Read More]

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