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Aquarium chiller

      In reef tanks along with other equipments like lighting and water pumps, we also install heaters to raise the temperature enough to get going and the lights used are also of high intensity so there is a probability that water temperature might raise more than necessary and to the extent of cutting down oxygen supply in the… [Read More]

What to look for while picking an Aquarium Store

    When you are about to buy livestock for your aquarium you look for the appropriate source where quality is taken care of. Every time you may not want to depend on online ordering of corals and fishes especially need to be bought from a good retail store where hygiene is god and you are ensured that the new… [Read More]

Living through Power Outage

      Power outages due to storm and hurricane can happen anywhere. While most people will have only air-conditioners and refrigerators to worry about, an aquarist will have an extra problem to tackle; making the aquarium survive. If the power outage is scheduled for a few hours, it will hardly make a difference, but those 3 days or more… [Read More]

Sand shopping for a new tank

      For all reef tank enthusiasts here comes the clarification to frequently asked questions on sand bed for reef tank. The substrate part of the tank is not to left undecided when it comes to establishing a new tank. Live sand and dry sand are usually the confusing part for most newbie. The only difference between the two… [Read More]

Fishless Cycling: best way to escape new tank syndrome

    In the previous the focus was on tackling new tank syndrome and the ways of fastening the nitrification process and ensuring lesser loss of fish during the initial period of tank set up. Some who are reluctant to lose any fish and completely pass over the new tank syndrome from causing any fish damage have another option to… [Read More]

New Tank Syndrom No Big Deal

      Beginners or even experienced aquarium keepers can get wedged with a common problem within a few months of setting up a new tank. The word new tank syndrome is not necessarily a problem that is associated with new tanks only. Even older tanks can face this issue sometime. To learn about cautions to be taken for preventing… [Read More]

A DIY Guide To Building Your Own Starter Marine Reef Tank

Any dedicated DIYer will tell you that there is no greater joy in the world than building your own stuff with your own hands; it’s a treat to see your dreams take form from your labor and the satisfaction of fulfilling your objective is one of pure achievement. Another important factor that most people will neglect is that DIY also… [Read More]

Aquarium Logging Software – Personal Online Aquarium Log

Aquarium Logging Software – Personal Online Aquarium Log By: Scott Zachow   As promised in the last edition of RHO in the Aquarium Log Update article, we are very pleased to announce the release of Version 2 of the Personal Online Aquarium Log. If you are not familiar with the Aquarium Log, you are missing out on the very best… [Read More]

Aquarium Corals – Selection, Husbandy and Natural Selection

Media ReviewAquarium Corals – Selection, Husbandry and Natural History  Author: Eric H. Borneman Publisher: Microcosm Ltd. and T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Availability: Hardback: Price $54.95 – ISBN 1890087475 Paperback: Price $44.95 – ISBN 1890087483This 464-page publication is wonderfully written and illustrated with beautiful color photographs of corals in both nature and captivity. There is also an extensive appendix that contains a Glossary, References and Index. Cover… [Read More]

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