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Coral Reef in Palau Thrives in Acidic Waters

One of the main, and overlooked, aspects of pumping over 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is ocean acidification. As carbon dioxide levels go up in the atmosphere, greater amounts of carbon dioxide are absorbed by the ocean. They combines with H2O and a Carbonate ion (CO3) to make 2 bicarbonate ions (2 HCO3), pushing the acidity… [Read More]

The Signal Goby’s Mesmerizing Mating

Anna and Ned DeLoach at never fail to astound us with their photos and videos on their tropical adventures. In this video Anna recounts their observation of an endearing pair of Signigobius biocellatus breeding in the silty muck of Papua New Guinea. Not only fun to watch, this fish has some pretty inquisitive reproductive behavior. Signigobius biocellatus feeds by… [Read More]

Reef Fish Find It’s Too Hot to Swim

        Summer days are tiring and all you want to do is play around idle. A team of researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University has shown that ocean warming may make some large reef fish feel the same way. Global warming has adverse effects on corals is a… [Read More]

Removal of Shark Led to Decline in Reef Growth

The unbridled overfishing of sharks, over and over again exclusively for their fins, is causing a detrimental chain reaction that could drastically mortify coral reef systems, a decade-long Australian-led study has recently found. Scientists from Australia and Canada, led by the Australian Institute of Marine Science, found out that the removal of sharks from two far-flung reef systems led to… [Read More]

Few amazing MACNA 2013 news South Florida

      Today was the last day of MACNA 2013, the most awaited event for aquarists around the globe. Here we tried to sum up a few amazingly notable news of the event. The beautiful Master Scolymia coral was the eye of everyone’s attention and almost made the other corals around it look uninteresting and common. The going rate… [Read More]

Ruby Red Dragonet Making Splash Everywhere and Yet a Mystery

[google_adsense_in_post] A dazzling ruby red dragonet of the genus Synchiropus has made a big splatter in aquariums around the world. It started to show off in South Africa, and then on to Singapore, Japan and Los Angeles, the brilliant red dragonet has been spotted in shipments of red scooter blennies from a unique collection location in the Philippines. The guesses… [Read More]

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