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30 day old clownfish.

Anyone raising Clownfish  fry check out the video of my lil guys. It’s been a hell of a journey thus far and a once in a lifetime experience. Who knows where this can lead if I get better maybe opening a reef store dedicated to just saltwater tanks.

The Leading 10 Fish for Reef Tanks

      Even the largest of reef tanks needs to be careful while selecting the fishes to be kept with the corals and rocks. Not all fishes are calm and compatible enough in the reef aquariums. Some tend to start feeding on the corals and their food, other may stress them with their aggressiveness and some even get themselves… [Read More]

Feeding fish: the easy way

  My 3 years old kid wonders how his aquarium fish will survive when we leave next month for a week off to see his granny. We laughed off as we know there shall be maid-servant at home and she is going to feed them. My boy looked skeptical…….. What if she forgets? There was point in his question which… [Read More]

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