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Reeflections: Incredibly Simple

Reeflections: Incredibly Simple By: Iwan Lässer Tank Introduction: First, I would like to thank the Reefland community and Reef Hobbyist Online for honoring my system. Since I was a little boy I was fascinated by the life found on coral reefs. I have always observed aquatic life whenever I had the opportunity. To increase my ability to view aquatic life,… [Read More]

Reeflections: A Three Foot Square Challenge

Reeflections: A Three Foot Square Challenge By: John Laurenson It is an honor to be featured in the Reef Hobbyist Online Reeflections Column, especially considering I’m following reef keepers like JB NY, steveweast, and others. I often visit their Web sites and envy their tanks. I often sit in awe when I read and see the effort and thought they… [Read More]

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