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Utah’s new Living Planet Aquarium is Opening Shortly

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium located in Draper, Utah, United States, is the abode to 4000 animals coming from 450 species. The public aquarium is made of three main exhibits: Discover Utah, Ocean Explorer, and Journey to South America. The aquarium grew out of a project by Brent Andersen, a marine biologist in 1999 when two vans were equipped with… [Read More]

Salinity Refractometer, Aquarium & Seawater – Dual Scale

Salinity Refractometer, Aquarium & Seawater – Dual Scale is used to measure, monitor and control the concentration of salt water and brine, and finds it very useful for aquarium and marine applications. This is a high quality refractometer that measures on 2 scales, Specific Gravity (D 20/20) and parts per thousand and is perfect as a replacement to your poorly… [Read More]

EHEIM TWIN Automatic Feeder

If you have those little fishes in your reef tank, you know how difficult it is to keep them fed all day especially when you are a working person who usually gets to stay all day out of home. Eheim Twin automatic feeder is the solution that keeps you free from the worries of keeping your fishes fed all day… [Read More]

Coral Reef in Palau Thrives in Acidic Waters

One of the main, and overlooked, aspects of pumping over 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is ocean acidification. As carbon dioxide levels go up in the atmosphere, greater amounts of carbon dioxide are absorbed by the ocean. They combines with H2O and a Carbonate ion (CO3) to make 2 bicarbonate ions (2 HCO3), pushing the acidity… [Read More]

The Signal Goby’s Mesmerizing Mating

Anna and Ned DeLoach at never fail to astound us with their photos and videos on their tropical adventures. In this video Anna recounts their observation of an endearing pair of Signigobius biocellatus breeding in the silty muck of Papua New Guinea. Not only fun to watch, this fish has some pretty inquisitive reproductive behavior. Signigobius biocellatus feeds by… [Read More]

Reef Fish Find It’s Too Hot to Swim

        Summer days are tiring and all you want to do is play around idle. A team of researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University has shown that ocean warming may make some large reef fish feel the same way. Global warming has adverse effects on corals is a… [Read More]

Reef-A-Palooza (RAP) is a Not-to-be Missed Event

Reef-A-Palooza 2013 was a huge success with higher attendance than ever, with just short of 4400 ticketed saltwater enthusiasts attending the two day event. Reef-A-Palooza (RAP) is an annual event promoted by the Southern California Marine Aquarium Society (SCMAS). Now in its tenth year, RAP can best be described as an indoor marketplace where sellers, exhibitors, and hobbyists of all… [Read More]

Jellyfish Used in Making Glow-in-Dark Ice-Cream

A glow-in-dark ice-cream is already a weird idea but the fact that it was made out of a jellyfish made it even more of a flashing news. It is made of jellyfish and that is what imparts the glowing luminescent effect to the cream and you can see the glow on your tongue with each lick. British entrepreneur Charlie Francis… [Read More]

Reef Suds – The First of its Kind of Soap

Reef aquarists are always concerned about not accidently introducing any foreign particle into their tank while working inside it as we never really know which among all things around us can build up the harm causing era. Generally it is advised that you must wash your hands with warn water; dry it up with a clean tower before diving your… [Read More]

New flexible LED lights from Ringlit

Ringlit brings you an amazing LED light for your aquarium that does not need hoods to connect on. Keeping the surface hoods-free has its own beauty and makes the tank look aesthetically natural and pleasing to eyes. Moreover, I personally do not prefer those black hoods that might be stylish yet creates some negative vibe among things beautiful and blue…. [Read More]

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