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First Ever Coral Reefs Found In The Chilling Depths of Greenland

For the first time cold waters reefs have been found in the waters of Greenland, at a depth of about 3,000 feet below sea-level. Coral reefs are found usually in the tropical climates where water and weather conditions are favorable for their nurturing. There have been several coral species found earlier in Greenland but for the very first time, an… [Read More]

Coral Chemical Warfare With Seaweed

        Scientists investigating the chemical warfare that takes place on Fijian coral reefs have found that one species of seaweed increases its production of noxious anti-coral compounds when placed in contact with reef-building corals. The study was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B and it shows that as this seaweed competes chemically with the corals,… [Read More]

Good News for Coral Reefs Amidst all the Bad Effects

          We have constantly been hearing how a number of factors are playing together to harm the coral reefs around the world and bringing a majority of coral species under the threat of extinction. We here is a recent news that claim pollution from agricultural fertilizers and sewage can save corals. High levels of nitrogen and… [Read More]

Fluorescent Light and Coral Health

[google_adsense_in_post] Coral reefs not only endow the world with affluent, fruitful ecosystems and picturesque underwater locale, they also throw in a profitable advance esteemed at hundreds of billions of dollars. But their decline in recent years due to a multiplicity of intimidations from pollution to climate warming has created an alarming exigency to the hunt for new ways to weigh… [Read More]

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