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Chinese Car has an in-built Fish Tank

A Chinese car brand has come up with a new way to lure customers into buying their latest cars that feature an in-built fish tank on the backseat. Well we are not sure if the idea is going to attract car lovers or not but it surely did attract aquarium enthusiasts. The fish pod in the Guangzhou Auto WitStar Concept… [Read More]

3rd Graders Learn from Fish Tank

Students at Champaign in Brandon Rutherford’s third-grade class propagated zoanthids, trying to learn as much as their inquisitive minds could hold together. Their questions were never ending: “Why does it feel like this?” “How long would it take for a coral to die?” “Did I kill this one?” “What’s this brown stuff?” By Meg Kickinson. The brown stuff was a… [Read More]

Bill Wann has the largest fish tank in North America

If you are now wondering who this Bill Wann guy is, just as I was a few days back, let me first tell you he is a local man but you can now recognize him for owing the largest tank in North America. Wann is a successful entrepreneur who designed and built a 24-foot-long, 10-foot-wide and 10-foot-deep 20,000-gallon reef tank… [Read More]

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