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EHEIM TWIN Automatic Feeder

If you have those little fishes in your reef tank, you know how difficult it is to keep them fed all day especially when you are a working person who usually gets to stay all day out of home. Eheim Twin automatic feeder is the solution that keeps you free from the worries of keeping your fishes fed all day… [Read More]

ORA Farms Introduces Jaguar Goby – Gobiopsis Quinquecincta

Welcome the first newly bred fish in ORA farms, Gobiopsis quinquecincta or Jaguar Goby as they haved named it. It is an outstandingly beautiful fish with features and looks never seen before. Goby enthusiasts are going to love this breed for their inherent easiness in marinating and the particularly distinguishing patterns of it. People at ORA farms encountered this fish… [Read More]

Nuvo SR Aquariums

NuvoAquarium is a new & advanced rimless All-In-One aquarium experience. It offers ultra-modern style that compliments any decor, the high performance of larger aquariums, and simple turnkey maintenance. NuvoAquarium is constructed from beautiful bent glass for dramatic viewing and paired with high brightness SkkyeLight LED lighting for live aquatic plants and marine corals. aquariums. Based on our award winning NUVO… [Read More]

Adding Butterflyfish to Reef Tank

        The colorful and vibrant looks of the Butterfly fish is remarkable and adding them amongst the colorful corals will no doubt augment the overall appearance of the aquarium. However, the common reef compatibility problem and doubts lead to the belief that they are not so reef safe and hence ignored in these tanks. Some of them… [Read More]

Third Graders learn to manage their own reef tanks

We were literally spellbound to see third graders of Garden Hills Elementary learning to manage their own reef setup. We hardly knew what a reef tank was until sixth or seventh grade and look at these geniuses playing with hefty protein skimmers or actually fitting them. Mr. Rutherford is awesome truly for the kids there are learning to work with… [Read More]

A Senior Student Breathes Life Into School Aquarium

James Demolina, a senior student at West High School, Anchorage, seems to be a reef enthusiast for it was he who envisioned what an unused tank at his school could be built into. His passion for oceanography led him to think beyond everyone else and in the picture you can see what changes it brought about. For West High School… [Read More]

Fascinations Deluxe Jellyfish Aquarium

        Would you love to keep Jellyfish in your home or office and awe every visitor? Well amazon has made it possible. Now you can get a readymade Deluxe Jellyfish Aquarium from Fascinations on amazon. Just visit and place your order. The beautiful centrepiece brings a soothing ambience to any home or office. This bright and beautiful… [Read More]

Bazinga The new Jellyfish In Town

Named after a catchy quote from Big Bang Theory’s Dr. Sheldon Cooper and its exclusive body morphology, Bazinga rieki is a new species of jellyfish discovered and named by Queensland scientists. Bazinga rieki a not just a new species, but it is also placed in a new family called Bazingidae. The small, grape-sized jellyfish measure 15 to 20 millimeters at… [Read More]

10 Step DIY To Buid A Reef Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] STEP 1 So, what’s your plan for a Reef Tank? Recollect all the glimpses about your desired Reef Tank appearance and it’ll take just few minutes for you to prepare the list of features that you wish to have in your tank. You can also consider recognizing few of the unused products (toys, pebbles, lights, etc.) in your house… [Read More]

Brackish Water Aquarium

[google_adsense_in_post] It is not always necessary to opt for the exact replica of sea in your drawing room aquariums or reef tanks. You can deviate from being totally saline to semi-saline water chemistry as there are several fish and aquatic life that are ‘Brackish’ or ‘semi-salty’ water friendly. The range of ‘Brackish’ water varies from being near-fresh to near marine…. [Read More]

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