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Identify This…Conchs and Whelks

Identify This…Conchs and Whelks By: Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. Introductions: For the average reef aquarist, some of most easily confused and misidentified animals are the snails called either “conchs” or “whelks.” Because these names have been derived from years of common usage, mostly at fish markets, there is often good reason for the ambiguity and confusion that occurs when one… [Read More]

Identify This… Rissoid And Pyramidellid Snails

Identify This… Rissoid And Pyramidellid Snails By: Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. Figure 1. The bane of many aquarists: a pyramidellid snail that parasitizes trochoidean snails such as Astraea species. Introduction: For many aquarists the appearance in their systems of tiny white to tan snails, much smaller than a rice grain, is a cause for concern. This concern is definitely warranted… [Read More]

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