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30 day old clownfish.

Anyone raising Clownfish  fry check out the video of my lil guys. It’s been a hell of a journey thus far and a once in a lifetime experience. Who knows where this can lead if I get better maybe opening a reef store dedicated to just saltwater tanks.


[google_adsense_in_post] Almost all Damselfish can be considered reef-safe, except some larger and more aggressive Dascyllus varieties. Some Damselfish also host in anemones like clownfish. They are however, difficult to catch once you put them in an aquarium and become aggressive. Hence, you need to be careful while keeping these. An interesting feature about Damselfish is that they change gender as… [Read More]

The Classic Aquarium Fish: Clownfish

[google_adsense_in_post] It is colourful and nicely done by the nature’s paint brush. You can actually identify each and every stroke of Mother Nature and so it makes a perfect live and distinctively crafted showpiece for your living room aquarium. It is a Clownfish, more technically known as Anemone fish. These are the classic aquarium fish. Both hardy and attractive, they… [Read More]

Anemones Benefiting Oxygen Supply from Clownfish

The most quirky fish in reef aquariums, probably once owned by every aquarist is now known to be a boon to their host anemones. The popularity of clownfish is actually credited to their host relation with the anemones providing them protection and keeping intruders away from the anemones. The stinging tentacles of the anemones help keeping danger at bay from… [Read More]

Tomato Clownfish That Adds BEAUTY To Your Aquarium

[google_adsense_in_post]   The Tomato Clownfish is one of the 27 known clownfish species. Its scientific name is Amphiprion frenatus and it is also known as bridled clownfish, red clownfish, or tomato anemone fish. Clownfish co-exists with anemones in the wild and can shelter from predators near the anemone without being stung or eaten. It may also use coral as a… [Read More]

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