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Dosing Kalkwasser in Reef Tanks

[google_adsense_in_post] The reef tank is exposed to air and the storage pumps are circulating the water throughout the filtering system causing significant amount of evaporation. You will need to replace the evaporated water regularly. “The water evaporates. Not the salt”. Do not add salt mix with the make-up water. This may result in higher salinity. Adding make-up water provides good… [Read More]

Maintaining Accurate Specific Gravity In Saltwater Tank

        Specific gravity is the measure of relative salinity or the amount of dissolved salts in your aquarium water in comparison to pure water. Being reef aquarists you all be aware of the importance of maintain a constant specific gravity in order not to stress the inhabitants of your aquarium. Measuring specific gravity on a regular basis… [Read More]

Converting a freshwater tank into saltwater tank

Do you own a freshwater aquarium that you always wanted to convert into saltwater aquarium but worried that it costs more maintenance? Fact is every kind of aquarium, big or small, needs some level of care and maintenance to keep them healthy and clean. Saltwater tank is no such exception. If you are enthusiastic about turning your freshwater tank into… [Read More]

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