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The Salt in Saltwater Aquariums

We are talking the salt in saltwater aquariums, the most initial thing to get right in order to set your reef tank in the most flourishing way. We have been talking the big names in aquarium set up. We discussed skimmers, filters, lights and even the most sophisticated products that are being developed to make this hobby and easy breezy… [Read More]

The Hitchhikers Wrecked Havoc

Saltwater aquarists might not consider shrimps as a deadly being but here’s an article to warn you of their not-so-innocent nature. On the other hand a sea food lover too may not like this a lot but here comes fact. The commonly known as the smashing species of the mantis shrimp can attack by the edge of their calcified claw… [Read More]

How to Set-up Your First Saltwater Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] This topic might not be something new under the sun but we still found some people confused about beginning with their first saltwater aquarium. There are doubts and queries regarding reef keeping, its maintenance, expenses, care and the set-up. There are worries if they will be able to get it right or end up with nuisances and blunders. You… [Read More]

Dealing with Foam Build-up

        Foam build-up is a common problem in the saltwater tank. While freshwater aquarium hobbyists may experience this problem as well, it is more common in saltwater tanks. This problem is easily solved if caught quickly and you can avoid detrimental effect on your aquarium fish. [google_adsense_in_post] One of the possibilities of building up of foam on… [Read More]

Aquascaping Your Saltwater Aquarium

              Dressing up your tank is a very pleasant experience. A little imagination and motivation can go a long way. You would always want to create an environment that is both beneficial to the tank residents and that is aesthetically pleasing. Livestock that is on the larger size will require some rock or pieces… [Read More]

Setting The Location Of a Reef Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] It is significant to decide upon the place where you are about to set up a new reef tank. A reef tank is quite different from a freshwater or a saltwater fish-only tank hence requires extra efforts when you are about to set it up. Unless absolutely necessary you cannot move the reef tank from one place to the… [Read More]

Planting Mangroves in Reef Tanks

    [google_adsense_in_post] The planting of mangroves in a reef tank is not a new idea but lately gained a lot of interest by many aquarists. It was first tried by Julian Sprung who later got it published in a German aquarium magazine from where it became practiced by many aquarists. He planted small mangroves in his own 15 gallon… [Read More]

Effects of GFO in a saltwater tank

        GFO or Granulated Ferric Oxide is used in aquariums for removing phosphates. GFO is efficient in doing this by chemical reaction in which phosphate combines with the GFO, removing it from the water column. It will also bind together other organic compounds and certain metals that are not required in a saltwater tank, thus removing them… [Read More]

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