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Reefland Elite Sponsor: Deep Sea Aquatics

In a time when other companies are trying to meet a minimum standard with thin glass, thin frames, and sloppy workmanship, Deep Sea Aquatics is setting the NEW STANDARD in high end, Luxury Aquariums. When it comes time for your aquarium, please ask for Deep Sea Aquatics! When a corporate decision was made to close the Oceanic Systems aquarium manufacturing… [Read More]

Featured Reeflander – chrisfont23 – Sweet 90 Gallon Build

You can read the Play by Play here – Here’s some highlights: Sand from marcorocks, Eheim pumps, Ecoxotic LED’s, Vortech MP10’s, sweet mature corals, great build. The tale of the tape for the next week or two: Stand is coming Thrs. Tank is coming Friday. I have decided to use MarcoRocks Aquarium Products for my sand. I will be… [Read More]

Featured Reeflander – Basile – Custom 150G Saphire w/ 75g Display Refugium

A bit about me , just retired at 51 i had enough!! My doctor said i was stressed out so I’m taking the year OFF. Semi retired i should say because i don’t think i can stay put. Because my trade, Chef onships; i couldn’t have a permanent saltwater tank . This time i gave myself a retirement gift. I’m… [Read More]

Setting The Location Of a Reef Tank

[google_adsense_in_post] It is significant to decide upon the place where you are about to set up a new reef tank. A reef tank is quite different from a freshwater or a saltwater fish-only tank hence requires extra efforts when you are about to set it up. Unless absolutely necessary you cannot move the reef tank from one place to the… [Read More]

How To Demolish A Pool

      If you have a pool in the backyard that has not been used since a long time and neither is it going to be used further on, it’s time you think about getting it demolished. Not only will it give you extra space which can be used for greenery or as an extension to living space but… [Read More]

Setting Up A Pico Reef Tank – No Easy Task

      The latest in the trend of reef aquarium is the Pico tank after Nano tanks. More and more aquarists have shown interest in these small and cute tanks that are so handy that you can easily alter the place where it is set up. You can set them up at your office or study or any place… [Read More]

Featured Member – Tank Gallery

  Featured Member Tank Gallery – Reefland Members   We have decided this month to feature a different kind of tank at This month, we feature many members by providing a 20 image gallery of The Best of the Best images. These images were hand selected by our very own photographic guru, Mike LaPorte. We hope you’ll enjoy this… [Read More]

Featured Member – Take 2

Featured Member – Take 2 By: Eric and Sheila Ropke   Featured Member Take 2 – ereefic and klasikb                           Tank Size: 110 Gallon – 48″x24″x22″ Lighting: 2x250w MH with 10k XM’s and 220w of VHO URI Super Actinic. VHO’s are on from 11am to 11pm. MH’s are on… [Read More]

Featured Member – Nano-Nano

   Featured MemberNano-Nan – Samper Tank Size: 20 Gallon High Lighting: Lighting is provided by an Aqua Medic Ocean light pendent with an AB 250w DE 20k bulb. I will be changing to a Hamilton 14k very soon and hope to have better growth without any loss of color. Filtration: Approximately 40lbs of LR, mostly Fiji, in the display. 5-10lbs… [Read More]

Featured Member – Make It Small-Sized

Featured Member – Make It Small-Sized By: Elmo18 Tank Size: 18″L x 18″W x 21″H outer dimensions ~roughly 27 gallons when filled. Sump/refugium is a food-safe grade bin holding about 10 gallons. Lighting: 1x 250 watt MH –XM 10k SE bulb run on ARO Electronic Ballast 3x 28 watt PC 03 actinics run on 3x ARO Nano Ballasts Metal halide… [Read More]

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