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This is what you will receive in the kit minus the calcium test.  I had to purchase that separately cause at MACNA they did not have the Marine kit available. The  App will keep track of all your tests as long as you save them, you can look back and see the difference in changes. These are just some of… [Read More]

Effects of GFO in a saltwater tank

        GFO or Granulated Ferric Oxide is used in aquariums for removing phosphates. GFO is efficient in doing this by chemical reaction in which phosphate combines with the GFO, removing it from the water column. It will also bind together other organic compounds and certain metals that are not required in a saltwater tank, thus removing them… [Read More]

Vitamin C Dosing – The New Trend

      There have been talks about the drawbacks on Carbon dosing in older and established tanks. People have supported the system that worked well for them for absorbing Phosphates in reef tanks. Some have preferred vodka, vinegar, bio-pellets, and sugar and manufactured carbon dosing for promoting bacterial growth for consuming ammonia and nitrites. However, they were found to… [Read More]

Understanding Osmoregulation

  So you know that saltwater fishes cannot survive in freshwater tanks and you have to make it alkaline before making the tank ready for your fishes. But do you know why? Some people complain, especially the newbie that some of their their fishes die despite the aquarium being apt for the other breed of invertebrates. The answer to both… [Read More]

Another Undesirable Element In Tank: Phosphates

      Though natural sea water has a major constituent of phosphates, they are of no good in a closed reef aquarium setting. Even if phosphate is present in a reef tank in low concentration, they can spur algae growth and slow coral calcification. If by chance their concentration increases in a reef tank, algae can enormously capture the… [Read More]

The Use, Overuse, and Abuse of Biological Controls

The Use, Overuse, and Abuse of Biological Controls The So-Called Cleaner Crews and Nuisance ‘Algae’ Problems By: Steven Pro There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed the fly. Perhaps she’ll die. There was an old lady who swallowed a spider that wiggled and giggled and tickled inside her. She swallowed the spider… [Read More]

The Paradox Of A Consistent Need For Variation

The Paradox Of A Consistent Need For Variation By: Ronald L. Shimek Ph.D. Changes According to legends and nursery rhymes, King Canute is reputed to have had his throne placed on the beach so he could sit and command the tide not to come in. His command went unheeded, of course, and he and his throne began to get wet…. [Read More]

Reef Stability, A Moving Target

Reef Stability, A Moving Target By: Ronald L. Shimek Ph.D. Garbage In… Garbage Out… One of the more constant concerns of many reef aquarists is keeping their reef “stable.” To this end, large amounts of money and many hours of effort are often spent on all sorts of gadgetry, paraphernalia, and activities all designed or used to keep the aquarium… [Read More]

Patience is Virtue

Featured Member – Patience is Virtue By: Mike LaPorte Featured MemberPatience is Virtue – Poseidon Tank Size: 135 Gallon Glass Aquarium Lighting: 2-250 Watt Metal Halides CoralVue 10K Bulbs. 0ne on at 11:30 AM off at 11:00 pm, bulb 2 on at 11:45 am of at 11:15 pm. 1-140 Watt VHO Actinic for color only which is on a regular… [Read More]

Microscopy And Reef Aquaria Part 2: Observation With A Compound Microscope

Looking For The Small Things In Life – Microscopy And Reef Aquaria Part 2. Observation With A Compound Microscope. By: Ronald L. Shimek, Ph. D. Bells, Whistles And Knobs: So, Bucky, you read my last column on microscopy and you thought that, maybe, it might be neat to take a look at little things. Besides, microscopes look really cool sitting… [Read More]

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