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Patience is Virtue

Featured Member – Patience is Virtue
By: Mike LaPorte

Featured MemberPatience is VirtuePoseidon

Tank Size:
135 Gallon Glass Aquarium

2-250 Watt Metal Halides CoralVue 10K Bulbs. 0ne on at 11:30 AM off at 11:00 pm, bulb 2 on at 11:45 am of at 11:15 pm. 1-140 Watt VHO Actinic for color only which is on a regular light switch, I turn it on when I get up, turn it off when I go to bed.

Kent Nautilus EX 24 Protein Skimmer, driven by a MAG 12 and a 55 Gallon Sump with 3 different Macro Alga on a reverse lighting schedule.

MAG 12 from the Sump/refugium and 2 Hagen Aqua Clear 402 powerheads

Current Fish:

(1) Naso Tang – Naso Literatus

(1) Yellow Tang – Zebrasoma flavescens

(2) False Percula – Amphiprion Ocellaris

(1) Niger Trigger – Odonus Niger

(1) Spotted Hawk – Cirrhitichthys aprinus

(1) Royale Gramma – Gramma loreto

(1) Copperband Butterfly – Chelmon


Soft Corals:


Brown mystery polyps (they grew out of my liverock)

Green Star Polyps

Yellow Polyps

Leather Coral (Not sure of its name)

ulsating Xenia (eliminating this one


Green Ricordia Mushrooms

Large Polyped Stonies:



Hammer Coral


Green Open Brain

Green Candy Cane

Small Polyped Stonies:

Green Slimer – A. Yongei
Red and Green w/Purple Rim – Montipora Capricornis
Blue tip, green polyped Milleopora
Purple Acropora Sp.
Branching Montipora
Brown/Yellow Acropora Sp.
Mystery Plating SPS that was on a live rock I purchased.

Current Water Parameters:
NH3: Undetectable
NO2: Undetectable
NO3: Undetectable
Ca: 425ppm
Alk: 9 dKh

Mainenance Routine:
20 gallon water change once a month usually around the 5th or 6th day. Clean Skimmer cup every Sunday, Clean out skimmer reaction chamber and Venturi every other month. Add 3.5 to 4.0 Gallons of make up water every other day, with 2 Tsp of Kalk. This is done before I go to bed and dripped in from an inverted 5 gallon water bottle that I fitted a ball valve to the cap.

I feed twice a day, at 1pm and at 10:30 pm. They get Spectrum pellets, Cyclop-Eeze flakes, frozen Mysis Shrimp, frozen Clams, frozen Squid, and frozen Formula 2. I also put a few cyclop-eeze flakes in the cup I use to thaw the frozen food, when I shake it all up it dissolves into an “orange water” and I pour the entire contents into the tank. This is to feed the corals.

Favorite Fish, Coral and Invert:

My favorite fish is my Naso Literatus my 3 year old calls it his “pet fishy” because the tang actually comes up and brushes against Logan’s finger tips.

My favorite Coral is my purple Acropora

Sp. that I just purchased from Tropicorium, that piece is SO BRIGHT purple it almost looks like it is hooked up to electricity for power!

Favorite Invert has to be SNAILS!!! They help me maintain the tank by cleaning the glass, eating left over food, and stirring my sand bed. SNAILS ROCK!

In your mind, what is ethical reefkeeping?
To me ethical reefkeeping means providing the BEST possible environment for animals in my care. It means research before purchase. It also means getting as many captive raised frags and fish as possible. As a responsible hobbyist I can provide environments for rare or endangered animals, in a sense we can protect these animals from over farming and even other natural predators. IF we as reefers can develop a community that shares with itself we can as a community become Self sustaining. This will reduce demands on natural reefs, and let them recuperate to a previous state. I believe that we MUST reduce demands on wild caught frags and fish, otherwise we may find ourselves

without a hobby.

Tell us about your dream system.
This has been a dream system for me, it is self sustaining at this point. I take frags of Galaxia, Xenia, Capanella, and now even some SPS to a LFS for store credit. That in turn buys the food, salt, and Kalk, that I use to maintain the tank. It also buys me new Corals and Snails, Fish, pretty much whatever the tank needs at any given time.

Future Plans?
Well, this tank might be moved in the next month, so when we get to the new house it may not be able to be built in a wall anymore. That may force me to downsize into a 4 ft tank. Looking at the bright side though, if I do get a new tank I will certainly get it drilled for the sump and for a closed loop.

Any advice for others?
Patience Patience Patience!!! I have had the best success by following the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid! By taking the path of least resistance I have found a way to maintain and GROW my corals to the point I am today! I have learned SO MUCH from the online community, and I want to pass that on to anyone who wants it. As a fellow reefer it is my responsibility to help others who ask for it.

If you are contemplating a new tank, make sure to get the best equipment you can FIRST, that way you don’t have to buy it AGAIN later. It is better to go slow and get it right, then it is to rush out and try and set up a Reef in a week. It just won’t work that way!

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