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Reef Hobbyist Online: January 2006 Edition Introduction

January 2006 Edition Introduction
By: Scott Zachow & Gene Schwartz

Welcome to the January 2006 Edition of Reef Hobbyist Online – Wishing You A Happy New Year!
Wow, already another year passes us as we enter 2006. The Staff of hopes that you had a wonderful holiday and wish you the very best in 2006!

This month in Reef Currents, Dr. Ron continues describing the variation in marine environments and describes how these variations are used, and perhaps necessary in captive marine aquariums. “The Paradox Of A Consistent Need For Variation” details changes that occur in natural waters and how an aquarist might use these changes in their own systems. The benefits and natural reactions animals have when these changes occur just might influence you to rethink some things in your aquarium.

For our Feature article in January, Steven Pro provides some intriguing possibilities for some uncommon displays. As described, a lot of marine aquariums have the same look, a pile of rock with a mix of corals from different natural conditions and fish from different locations. There are some amazingly simple, yet creative ideas in this article that might help steer you in the direction of creating a unique display in “Where I Think The Hobby Should Be Going”.

This edition also brings you the final article in the “Nuisance Algae In The Reef Aquarium” series. This series is a documentation of experiencing nuisance algae and how to overcome the problem. In the first part we talked about some specific algae encountered in the author’s personal aquarium and some potential causes. In Part II of this series, analysis of the problem and steps that were taken to reduce the nuisance was documented and explained. In the final part of the series, some insight on removal and perhaps a bit of hope is offered to our readers.

The final article in this edition, we bring you a glimpse into the beautiful aquarium of Iwan Lasser in Reeflections. Following our theme of providing our readers insight to different techniques and displays, the reef tank of Iwan shows how amazingly healthy and beautiful a reef aquarium can be even using simple methodologies. If you like varied colors in a reef aquarium, you will love this Swedish reef!

For anyone who doesn’t have the time to sit in front of his or her computer to read each edition of RHO, we are pleased to provide a Printable Version. Look for the Printable Version link at the bottom of each page of RHO.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the eighth edition of Reef Hobbyist Online and hope to see you around as we release new editions of RHO bi-monthly!
The Staff of