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Reef Hobbyist Online: July 2005 Edition Introduction

Welcome to the July 2005 Edition of Reef Hobbyist Online!

We would like to welcome all of our readers to the July 2005 edition of Reef Hobbyist Online! If this is your first visit to RHO, be sure to check out our first 4 editions by clicking on Past Editions to the left. On that page you will find an overview of all previous editions of RHO. In the last edition we were happy to bring a new addition to our contributors, Dr. Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.

The beautiful picture on the cover of RHO this edition is a T. crocea clam. The genus Tridacna is full of beautiful “Jewels of the Sea” as describe in the Cover Article. Gene Shwartz provides some care requirements as he has experienced with the genus Tridacna.

RHO’s fifth Featured Member a well known member of, Samper. Samper has only been a hobbyist for a short time but during this time has gained much knowledge through discussions and research. The dedication he has to his livestock and to the hobby has him featured this month.

This month we bring you a Task Review in our reviews section. Aquarium maintenance can become a daunting task is not performed consistently. This article helps layout some guidelines for a maintenance routine.

In the July 2005 Edition, we have not included a “Main Attraction” article as our time has been really tied up with other important things; the development of Version 2 of the Personal Online Aquarium Log. This month, we bring you an update on it’s development and what you can expect from this FREE feature at To make it up to our readers, we are working to bring you something special to the September release of RHO.

For anyone who doesn’t have time to sit in front of their computer to read each edition of RHO, we are pleased to provide a Printable Versions. Look for the Printable Version link at the bottom of each page of RHO.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the fifth edition of Reef Hobbyist Online and hope to see you around as we release new editions of RHO bi-monthly.
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