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Reef Hobbyist Online: May 2005 Edition Introduction

May 2005 Edition Introduction
By: Scott Zachow & Gene Schwartz

Welcome to the May 2005 Edition of Reef Hobbyist Online!

We would like to welcome all of our readers to the May 2005 edition of Reef Hobbyist Online! If this is your first visit to RHO, be sure to check out our first 3 editions by clicking on Past Editions to the left. On that page you will find an overview of all previous editions of RHO. The last edition was a smasher with 6 excellent articles.

Our Cover Photo this month is an uncommon aquarium species, a frogfish. Anthony Calfo provides RHO an excellent summary of these unique fish including care, feeding and health information.

Our Main Attraction is brought to us by a popular, yet new contributor to RHO, Dr. Ron Shimek, Ph. D. Dr. Ron provides us plenty of details about Anemones, a very popular aquarium addition but not always for the right reasons. If you have an Anemone or plan to get one, be sure to read this article!

RHO’s fourth Featured Member is a very well known hobbyist in the online communities, Elmo18. This wonderfully kept 27 gallon reef is proof that size doesn’t matter. Elmo18 gives us all the details behind is SPS dominated reef with his spawning pair of clowns.

Our Media and Product Reviews this month details that ever so important piece of equipment, the Protein Skimmer. This is not a comparison article, there are way to many to compare. This article talks about the way protein skimmers work and summarizes a few of the popular types of skimmers.

For anyone who doesn’t have time to sit in front of their computer to read each edition of RHO, we are pleased to provide a Printable Versions. The May 2005 edition prints 26 pages for your reading pleasure. Look for the Printable Version link at the bottom of each page of RHO.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the fourth edition of Reef Hobbyist Online and hope to see you around as we release new editions of RHO bi-monthly.
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