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Reef Hobbyist Online: November 2004 Edition Introduction

Welcome to Reef Hobbyist Online!
Introduction By: Scott Zachow & Gene Schwartz

We are very pleased to announce another new feature at, Reef Hobbyist Online!

Reef Hobbyist online is not an Online Magazine such as Reefkeeping or Advanced Aquarist, RHO is simply a collection of articles that have been written exclusively for by a variety of hobby authors. The initial subjects of the RHO articles will cover a broad range of interests, with a key focus on new hobbyist. However, as we progress further, future articles will also contain information for the seasoned aquarists as well so don’t overlook the titles as something that anyone is beyond; occasionally it is helpful to look back at basics. With each bi-monthly release of a new article, RHO will also release a new Featured Member as well as a Media Review or Product Review written by the staff of

In our first series of Main Attraction articles, Anthony Calfo covers refugia and their use with plants and algae. Starting out with the basics covering refugia and some popular plants and algae and working towards the best plants and algae to choose for utilitarian refugia and why, this will be an excellent series of articles that will benefit those considering the use of vegetable filters or those already incorporating them looking for some additional diversity.

To kick off our Featured Member section of RHO, we are very pleased to detail the inner workings of Steve Weasts’ popular 850 gallon reef. This is an amazing display and the details provided in this feature show not only the dedication Steve has for our hobby, but the level of planning and execution that has been put into this incredible reef system.

Finally, a brief synopsis of Eric Bornemans Aquarium Corals book covers some of the details that hobbyist can expect to see in this publication. Very simply written, our hope is to show hobbyist that do not have this included in their library why it should be.

We are very pleased to bring you this new exciting area of and we hope you’ll benefit and enjoy this addition! Be on the look out for new editions of RHO released on the 1st day of every other month.
The Staff of