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Reef Hobbyist Online: September 2005 Edition Introduction

Welcome to the September 2005 Edition of Reef Hobbyist Online!

We are happy to bring to you the release of our September 2005 Edition of Reef Hobbyist Online! In September, we focus on biological controls of frequent marine aquarium problems. Steven Pro provides us a unique view on The Use, Overuse and Abuse of Biological Controls in our Main Attraction.

A frequently used biological control in the reef aquarium is the Copperband Butterflyfish for Aiptasia Anemones. Kevin Pockell, a new contributor to RHO, offers his perspective on captive care requirements of this wonderful, but delicate, reef fish. Be on the look out for more contributions from Kevin in future editions of RHO!

Most aquarists will at one time or another experience problems with nuisance algae. Nutrient problems aren’t just a “beginners” problem; even the most experienced hobbyist struggle with exporting and controlling nutrients that fuel the growth of unsightly algae. In this edition, Scott Zachow begins a series of articles on algae control and leads you through step-by-step analysis of finding and correcting the root causes.

Also in September for our Featured Member, we bring several “featured members” at This month, we highlight 20 Best of the Best pictures of our member’s tanks straight from our photo gallery. We hope you’ll enjoy this brief glimpse of the most wonderful views of reef tanks there is.

Lastly in September 2005, we are very pleased to announce the release of the newest version of’s Personal Online Aquarium Log. The aquarium log software, which is provided free to all registered members, is the most comprehensive aquarium software available. In our July 2005 edition of RHO, Scott Zachow provided an update on the development. In this edition, a detailed list of features and Frequently Asked Questions is provided to explain the old and new features of this resource.

For anyone who doesn’t have time to sit in front of their computer to read each edition of RHO, we are pleased to provide a Printable Versions. Look for the Printable Version link at the bottom of each page of RHO.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the sixth edition of Reef Hobbyist Online and hope to see you around as we release new editions of RHO bi-monthly.
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