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Setting Up A Pico Reef Tank – No Easy Task




The latest in the trend of reef aquarium is the Pico tank after Nano tanks. More and more aquarists have shown interest in these small and cute tanks that are so handy that you can easily alter the place where it is set up. You can set them up at your office or study or any place where space is less yet you want to decorate with the lively lovely Pico tank. Usually tank with capacity of 2.5 gallons to 5 gallons are considered Pico aquariums. Now if you are thinking that these small aquariums are east breezy task to set up and handle, you got to think again. These require expertise and intense care to get them right else you land up in unsolvable trouble.

To begin with you must consider not adding a single fish in it. There can be only live rock, a coral and a hermit crab or snail in it to keep the rock clean. Never crowd the space inside with larger rocks since corals need to utilize the already lesser space for their growth. You also need to be well equipped before you begin with Pico tanks. Aquarists discourage the setup of Pico tanks by newcomers because there are very less space in them for errors. You need to have a lot of patience for handling this kind of tank and you must have time to put in regular efforts in their management.

To begin with get a good quality tank and fill it with fresh water to check for leakage or crack. If this goes fine you can remove water and get your equipments ready. Remember beta tanks, goldfish bowls, pickle jars and ant farms are not to be used for this purpose. The best bet is JBJ 3 Gallon Picotope Curved Glass Aquarium. They are convenient to use and comes with perfectly suited lighting, filter, and other fixtures.



JBJ 3 Gallon Picotope Curved Glass Aquarium is not only an elegant looker but also a ready to use tank for those with less patience. Another one you can consider without a second thought is Ecoxotic EcoPico Desktop Fish Aquarium. Its modern and artistic design is quite attractive. Filter, pump and lighting fixtures come with them so again saving some efforts. Consider these tanks if you are really enthusiastic about Pico tanks. These are the best bets available to lessen the maintenance that usually is a sad part with other tanks.



Get a good heater and thermometer to maintain a stable temperature of water. A stable temperature will get your tank going in the long run without causing much of snag. Also make sure the size of the heater is small so that they don’t occupy much of the space. Hydor THEO Submersible Aquarium Heater 50W UL is just the thing you need for this task. They are sleek and effective and won’t consume much space in your Pico. Next thing you must have is a good refractometer which will again contribute to the stability of the tank. Hydrometers that are a cheaper alternative to refractometer can cause trouble with space. Also get some good test kits to keep a regular check on the elements in water.

With lighting and filter sets available with the above mentioned tanks, you are saved from buying them taking into consideration the small size and space consumption inside the Pico. Live rocks are the backbone in natural filtration process in Pico just like in Nano. Get a good quality live rock from a good source if you want the best effect for your tank. Instead of one big piece of rock, it is wiser if you go for several small pieces as you will have more options for aquascaping and can arrange them in your desired shape.

Instead of using a protein skimmer you have to regularly change water in a Pico. You can also cultivate macroalgae for consuming the nitrates and phosphates. You can also use active carbons for clearing up the other leftovers to prevent nuisance algae. Though setting up a Pico tank is not that expensive, it cannot be considered cheap as its care in the long run will eventually cost the same.