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Setting The Location Of a Reef Tank


It is significant to decide upon the place where you are about to set up a new reef tank. A reef tank is quite different from a freshwater or a saltwater fish-only tank hence requires extra efforts when you are about to set it up. Unless absolutely necessary you cannot move the reef tank from one place to the other because of weight factor and temperature stability factors. Also moving a reef tank too often can create disturbance in substrate and corals that may come in contact with the other anemones which you might have taken care not to keep too close to the other corals. Save yourself all the trouble of moving and shifting a reef tank by considering all the vital factors that need some pondering before deciding where the tank will reside permanently.

1.Even a medium sized reef tank will have the weight that cannot be sustained any weak surface. Weight of tank plus the amassing of saltwater to it makes it heavy enough and not to forget the additional weight of livestock, live rocks, substrate, equipments, etc makes the whole set up quite heavy. Any weak floor or surface can prove to be a bad idea regarding setting up a reef tank above it. If you are about to set up a large sized reef tank, do consult a contractor regarding the strength of the floor.

2.Temperature of the reef tank needs to be kept constant all along. Setup the reef tank in a room that suffers least of temperature changes. Avoid keeping reef tanks near doors and windows. Also see to it that the spot you choose for the set up remains least affected by any heating or cooling device.

3.Keep the set up away from areas that receive direct sunlight. Direct sunlight on reef tank can lead to algae problems in the future though some people find it appeasing to setup reef tanks in areas that receive some amount of direct sunlight.

4.Reef tanks give put out a lot of light and some amount of heat. Setting up a reef tank near computer, television or other devises that does not like a lot of light can cause glare problems. In short consider what objects and devices in the room would not accept light and heat and accordingly decide which should be the site for reef tank setup.

5.Rooms for study or bedrooms where you do not want unnecessary sound should not be the spot for reef tank setup. Sound of protein skimmers, overflows, and chillers can cause disturbance and irritation at wrong hours. So apart from considering the amount of charm a reef tank is going to add to your room also consider this phase of the day when you want no disturbance.

6.Do not set up reef tanks on floors that are carpeted since it is quite obvious that you will want to clean them up once in a while and then you will have to shift and move the tank which is a big deal. Also you will be changing the water of the tank which will involve some water falling to the carpet and wetting them. You don’t want that we know so use all your common sense before setting up the sot for setup.