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What’s New This Year For Reef Aquarists




In 2012 we came across many new contributions to reef aquarium industry across the world. Conservation of some endangered species of rare corals for instance was the chief issue for which various measures have been taken in regions where these are mostly exploited. Some new and interesting species of corals like Euphyllia baliensis, Leptoseris, Dactylotrochus and more were also brought out for the reef aquarists. We also experienced various new ways of handling our hobby like conserving electricity and using effective skimmers and chillers for the reef tank. 2013 also will bring in loads of changes, new and enhanced for reef aquarists. There will be many we hope but we tried to guess some expected ones coming ahead this year. And yes we do hope more and more join in this exciting hobby which we have been following since years.

1.More advanced LED lights


Being reef fans we all are aware of the important role that LED lights have been playing in the maintenance of our hobby. In 2012 we experienced better LED lights. However 2013 I am sure is going to witness further improvement regarding effectiveness, affordability and energy conservation. New color variations are also expected to be innovated to make the tank look and feel more natural to the livestock. New fixtures and hoods for tanks will be launched by reef industries that have been regularly providing us with more enhanced equipments. Like LED fixtures in ceilings and walls that totally chance the looks of your home’s interior, we are hoping for some exciting new LED lights for reef tanks. Let’s see what new comes out this year.

2.More concern and laws for coral exploitation

With whatever steps that have been taken last year, we are hoping that new laws would be made against illegal transportation of endangered species of corals. Unsustainable and cruel export import of corals and invertebrates have increased enormously in the past few years and if no serious laws are made to prevent this, there would be many more species facing extinction. Since this topic has been in huge debates last year, this year should definitely see some strict obligation of these laws. In 2012 NOAA confirmed 66 as endangered or threatened so there will be strict laws to stop this.

3.Improved skimmers

Most probably the old skimmers will be replaced by DC pumps. U must have already heard of this product to take over the class of traditional skimmers and we are hoping that 2013 will see the new innovation put into effect. This change will definitely make reef keeping an easier to follow hobby as that would mean less worrying about skimmers. Price and performance would be something to look for in these new skimmers using DC pumps. Also we’ll have to be looking forward to which brands introduce the change and at what price difference. We’ll be reviewing the product for you as soon as it is made available.

4.New carbon dosing products

2012 gave us ready to use assorted products that served the purpose of carbon dosing so well especially the types of Biopellets that were so well received by aquarists all over. In 2013 we are expecting new innovations and improvements in these products that will take these products to the next level where more and more aquarists will find them helpful. They are still at their immaturity so many people fear using them compared to the traditional methods that have been followed since years.

5.Smartphone integration

There will be more from Smartphone for aquarists too who will find it easier to make use of android and IOS apps incorporating aquarium management. Aquarium manufacturers will also be integrating the features for Smartphone that reef aquarist will find quite useful.