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Reef Aquarium Maintenance Business

We all love Aquariums. They add beauty to our house. But most of us are afraid of the maintenance and don’t know how to take care of it. These days, giant Reef aquariums are set up in public places like hospitals, restaurants, etc. They stand as a great attraction. But these aquarium need great care and someone with less knowledge can’t maintain it well. So, a team of Reef Aquarium Maintenance would do just the right job.

Starting up a Reef Aquarium Maintenance business needs little research. Check out how well you fit in with Aquarium Maintenance services near you. Checking on the existing maintenance firms in your area is at the top of the list. Make a list of the specialties that your firm got to have apart from others. Go research in the market to find out who might be the competition. Taking advices from experienced people is always beneficial. Meeting an owner of Aquarium Maintenance Service outside your community is a wise move. He’ll definitely share a startup advice since you are not directly competing with them, in his community.

Once you’ve the idea, you can visit the local doctor offices, lawyer offices, restaurants, to ask if they have an aquarium. If not, you can ask them if they would like one trouble free aquarium in their office, which is definitely going to add beauty to their interiors. Also, talk to commercially established interior designer and send them brochures, so that they can refer you to their clients.

Some aquarium stores serve non-aquarium hobbyists. A non-aquarium hobbyist is the one who wants a aquarium, but doesn’t want to clean or maintain it himself. The aquarium store sends an employee regularly to keep the aquarium clean and healthy.

Aquarium maintenance service earns an extra income for an aquarium store. Usually, there is a shortage of business during summer months as most of the people go on vacations and get busy with outdoor activities, and very less people shop for new aquariums. This shortage can be balanced by aquarium maintenance business.

Most of the aquarium maintenance services charge about $30-40 per hour. The key to this business is finding customers. You can go around talk to businesses that have aquariums in public display. Better service at a little less price is a great offer. You’ll clean and maintain the fish tanks, feed them and take care of them on a regular basis, make additions or replacements if necessary and administer any special medications when there is a need. You may also supply and set up aquariums to the clients who don’t already have them. This may include implanting filtration systems, replacing, replacing, plumbing and moving aquariums.

One must be ready to acquire knowledge and experience in order to keep these delicate creatures healthy. One must have genuine love and real concern towards them. One should be passionate about the business because, that is the secret of a successful business.

The basic things that you need to get started are, some related books and equipment like, siphons, nets and glass cleaning sponges. You don’t need expensive equipment to get started. Internet is also a great resource that helps you know more on this. You’ll also need buckets, glass cleaning magnets, algae pads, plastic tarps and towels. You should purchase fish, corals, fish food, saltwater test kits and other necessary medications so that you can sell these to your clients for a profit.

You can find wide range of information on aquarium maintenance, guides on how to do it, the tricks for attractive lighting, and various designs of reef tanks, nutrition, maintenance procedures, filtration techniques, etc., on internet.

Definitive Aquarium service and Maintenance (, Aquarium shine (, Clean a tank ( are a few such aquarium maintenance service providers. You may take a look at their websites to have a overall insight