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Aquarama-2013 Drawing Aquarist from Around the World


Aquarama is Asia’s biggest international ornamental fish, invertebrates, plants and accessories exhibition organized for the ornamental aquatic industry and its related sectors. Slated for 30 May – 2 June 2013 in Singapore, Aquarama will incorporate Pet Asia 2013, adding further to the spectacular setting of the dynamic event.

Aquarama is an all-encompassing event that offers boundless business opportunities to its targeted market sectors. Industry players from all over the world choose Aquarama as their definitive meeting place and channel for growing their businesses – whether it is for sourcing new aquatic products, setting new industry standards, or simply learning about the latest technology and aquatic industry developments.

Based on the latest Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) data, Singapore is, once again, the Number 1 ornamental fish exporting country, accounting for 20.3% of the world’s total ornamental fish export value in 2008 (US$339.533million). The economic outlook for the ornamental fish industry is set aglow with the vast business opportunities offered by Singapore and Asia. Discover the potential of the global markets and drive success to your business in the vibrant ornamental aquatic industry.

Aquarama 2013, the largest aquarium event of the year is all set to take place the end of this month in Singapore. From May 30th to June 2nd, the Asian aquarium hobby, community and industry will come together on the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center for a concentration of Asia’s best aquarium entities.

The Aquarama International Fish Competition is the ONLY trade-based competition in the world to feature such a wide range of species and varieties in such large numbers. From dragon fish to guppies, the prizes in all the categories are keenly competed for, emphasizing the ever-higher prestige attached to this sub-event.

The new and highly anticipated Marine Nano Tank Competition will be one of hottest highlights of the 13th edition of Aquarama. These pint-sized, predominantly cube-shaped, set-ups have become tremendously popular in recent years, and all the signs are that the trend will continue well into the future. Aquarama will be helping this reputation along by staging a competition with the strong support of the Singapore Marine Aquarium Association and our panel of very experienced fish competition committee members

Nano aquaria are hot these days! Reflecting this worldwide trend, Aquarama 2013 will organize the Freshwater Nano Tank Competition for the second time round. This competition will, once more, be restricted to freshwater nano aquarium set-ups and will be judged, not just on appearance, but on the appropriate choice of décor, plants and other tank inhabitants as well.

In response to continuing demand, the Planted Tank Competition is returning at Aquarama 2013. This feature will consist of spectacular displays in 90-cm (3-ft) aquaria specially decorated to show off the beauty of natural aquatic plants to optimal effect.

The aquarium hobby is gaining more and more popularity worldwide and to keep them going smooth these types of events bring awareness about the latest inventions and launches that can make the hobby further more easy and interesting. If you happen to be in and around Singapore, this is a must attend event for you. Not only will you benefit regarding information but also be inspired to see how far you can go with your hobby.

All the other information regarding the event and the competitions can be acquired from Aquarama 2013 website.