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DSunY LED Lights








DSunY is committed to providing innovative LED lights for aquariums around the world. This company has established high quality R&D team that expertise in software, electronic hardware and heating design. We were amazed by two of its LED lights that were just the thing you should be looking for your reef tanks. Take a look!


DSunY 120w NEW PROGRAMMABLE AQUARIUM LED LIGHTING DIMMER for Marine Fish Tank and Coral Reef is a LED system has a wide-angle beam that allows them to be placed close to the aquarium surface for optimum light penetration and even light distribution. Based on the fact that plant growth requires sunlight, this aquarium lamb provides light that have the same effect as natural sunlight and hence offers a very good growing habitat for seaweeds, corals, fish, etc.

It is Dimmable and programmable with the use of a digital Controller that comes with the light. You have complete control over the lighting effect on your aquarium. You can easily create or switch to Moon/Noon/Spring/Autumn/Summer/Winter/Lunar Cycle modes.

No more disturbance as the system delivers less noise! Due to the low voltage system and cooler operation, noisy fans are not required which also means less water evaporation. This LED system allows you to quickly build a custom, professional looking and functioning system with minimum tools.

– 2 x 23 Inch LED Light Fixture
– Efficiency: 50 watts per module.
– LED array: 14 cool white and 14 royal blue per module.
– Zero noise: No fan design to reduce noise.
– Modular: easily add more daisy-chain modules if you have larger tank.
– Compact: only 1.5″ thick.
– Programmable: Moon/Noon/Spring/Autumn/Summer/Winter/Lunar Cycle modes.

Dimension for each module:
– Length: 22.8 inches (58 cm)
– Width: 4.7 inches (12 cm)
– Thickness:1.5 inches (3.6 cm)
– Weight: 3.6 pounds (2 kg)

– Bridgelux LED
– 28 LEDs per module, 14 cool white and 14 royal blue.
– White: Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) 12000K.
– Blue: Dominate wavelength 455nm.

Package includes:
– 2 x 23 Inch LED Light Fixture
– 1 x Controller Station
– 1 x Hanging Kit

DSunY® 120w Ultra-thin Dimmable and Programmable Aquarium Coral Reef LED Grow Light with Lens is the best cover for any shape tank, huge/large fish tank and no shadow is created. The best feature about this light is its no fan design and no noise! Revolutionary heat solution design with high quality Bridgelux BXCE/BXCD LED and 603# aluminum produces less heat. No fan necessary anymore; No fan noise anymore.

You can customize the light length and width to best fit your tank size thanks of our daisy-chain design, adjustable rail kit and enough-length connect cord.

Its highest energy efficiency not only save 70-85% on power over HID lighting, but also higher 13% than normal LED aquarium led thanks of high-quality power design. It was found that 98% of the light emitted from LED was absorbed by Coral and other water plants. This LED system allows you to quickly build a custom, professional looking and functioning system with minimum tools.

– 28x cool white(12000K) for a dimmable channel and 28x royal blue(450-460nm) for the other dimmable channel, total 56 pcs LED at Bridgelux BXCE/BXCD 3W each

– 1, 2 or 4 light variable chain with 1 controller. Each light module is 58 x12 x36cm
– Crystal acrylic panel, Ultra thin and plug in&out

– External programmable intelligent digital power (controller), simulate noon light/ moon light/ season mode/ lunar cycle mode.

– Real-time clock and time backup

– LED display screen for User Interface

Friendly User Interface

– Multi-light-fixtures with only 1 IDP (intelligent digital power) controller
– Automatically Simulate noon light/ moon light/ season mode/ lunar cycle mode
– Manually program 24H light intensity and on/off
Long Lifetime
– Recommended useful lifetime of 50,000 hours for LED lights the equivalent of burning a light.
– 18 hours/day, 365 days/year for seven years and seven months.