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Complete Aquarium/Reef Tank Packages for Sale




Getting an aquarium or reef tank done is a tedious work but more than that getting all the equipments under one roof is hectic. Different aquarists need different equipments to set different kind of aquariums, be it marine or freshwater or fish or amphibians.

Though there are shops where one could get all these things—from chlorine salt to substrate to inhabitants to decorative elements to live plants. But for those who do not have time to hop around shops, those who prefer online shopping, have to surf several websites to choose the kits of their preference.

There are few websites, from which, you could get a to z of aquarium equipments. One such site is marinedepot wic is world’s no.1 aquarium supplies website. You can visit tem on You can find as many as 7000 different varieties of both freshwater and marine aquarium sets from top brands like Red Sea, JBJ, Hydor and Eco Tec Marine.

Here you can get almost all set of items needed to set up a new aquarium. There are number of added items that might not be needed by starters but again you have a lot more choices. Most categories will give you three choices; Good, Better and Best. You may choose and pick which items would work best for your set up. The tank sizes are based on the volumes and the lengths of the aquariums. The length is important for the selection for the lighting systems. The 15-30 gallon tanks are 24”, the 30-65 gallons are 36”, the 60-90 gallons are 48”, the 75-125 gallons are 60” and 125-180 gallons are 72” inches in size. You may choose depending on your requirement and space at your home. Also, what you want to keep in the aquarium. If you click the correct link based on the tank size, you would get the kit matching the tank. The links are likewise based on the size: Reef Tank

Reef Tank Packages/Set-up—Nano
Reef Tank Packages/Set-up—15–30 Gallons
Reef Tank Packages/Set-up—30–65 Gallons
Reef Tank Packages/Set-up—60–90 Gallons
Reef Tank Packages/Set-up—75–125 Gallons
Reef Tank Packages/Set-up—125–180 Gallons

Once you click either of the links of your choice, you would get options for other items needed for the tank of your size. Like the lighting retrofit kit if you have a pre-existing canopy that you would like to mount the lighting system into. The lighting fixtures are used if you do not have a canopy: these fixtures can be suspended or propped up above the tank. There are, however, numerous different configurations available. If you get confused, you can email at

Similarly you can get other items as well from protein skimmer, overflow box, sump, wet/dry filter to filter, water movement/wave maker, heater, chiller, thermometer, salinity measurement, test kit, controller and RO-RO/DI.

But the entire kit alone would not do until and unless one does not know how to fit it. So for beginners, there are Cds available in five parts as well to guide you through setting of the aquarium. The first part would show how to unbox and assemble the kit and the second part would show leak test and aquascaping. The part three would teach you water flow testing. Part four would help you test fish and coral and the final part would teach you about livestock acclimation.

There are few other similar sites which can help you set your own reef aquariums as well like