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Books on Aquariums




Fish keeping has been a popular form of recreation for decades, and it continues to grow in popularity as new equipment makes aquarium upkeep easier. There are many amateur aquarists who might want to gather knowledge about setting up an aquarium before actually doing so. For this, some of them might consult the seasoned ones or surf nets to get some firsthand experiences. But for those who want more detailed information, there is a wide range of books on

Among the large variety of collections, you can go for either of the books mentioned in the article to know about a to z of keeping a reef aquarium.

Aquariums: The Complete Guide to Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums by Thierry Maitre-Allain and Chrisitan Piednoir would guide you through the pros and cons of setting both the types of aquariums. In a beautiful introduction to aquariums, originally published in France, aquarists Maitre-Allain and Piednoir discuss all the aspects of setting up and maintaining an underwater habitat. Beginning with the setup of an aquarium, the first section deals with water chemistry which is the most basic and least understood part of the aquarium equation. Then how to choose the aquarium itself, where to install it, what equipment is needed, and how to set it up are explained in the next section. The denizens of the newly created ecosystem come next, with a discussion on the basic biology of fish in a catalogue of the more common freshwater fishes available as pets. Shorter sections on breeding freshwater fish, the keeping of saltwater species, and the biology and species of aquarium plants are also discussed. Beautiful photos clearly illustrate this good all-in-one handbook that will fill the needs of beginning aquarists.

The Aquarium: An Unveiling of the Wonders of the Deep Sea (1856) by Philip Henry Gosse is one of the ethnic books that will guide you through all the doubts regarding your dream aquarium.

There are books exclusively on plants like Aquarium Plants: Comprehensive Coverage, From Growing Them To Perfection To Choosing The Best Varieties from the mini Encyclopaedia Series for Aquarium Hobbyists by Peter Hiscock. Hundreds of different aquarium plants are illustrated in color in this book with detailed descriptions of each plant, its common and botanical name, and information on its growth cycle and general care. Not only plants, it also gives you insight about the fish that you can keep in your aquarium. A brand-new addition in the Mini Encyclopedia Series for aquarium hobbyists, this book also helps aquarium owners plan, create, and maintain a colorful and interesting environment for fish and aquatic life. Each volume provides in-depth information and instruction on a specific subdivision of fish keeping.

Complementing the text are sets of illustration with full-color photos, each with its own detailed and instructive caption. Not only about the aquatic lives, the book also guides through how to set up an aquarium, select species, and maintain an optimal environment for the tank’s aquatic and plant life. Approximately 250 color photos and illustrations in each volume makes the reading more understandable.

You can get similar books by different authors. You can go for either of these which can well guide you through a perfect aquarium, in a wide range of price as well.

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