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The Infinity Zero Edge Aquariums



If you are a truly crazy aquarist who never lets his imagination rest when it comes to trying something new in the field, this will surely excite you. I know exactly how we saltwater aquarium fanatics go gaga over large tanks but somewhere everyone hates the bulky look. We are always on the look for something that could look trendier along with the natural aesthetic appeal one can’t do without. The zero edge aquariums are just the thing for you.

The Classic series


As the name suggests, the “Classic ZeroEdge Aquarium” is designed in such a way that the water overflows the surface and spill over all sides of the aquarium creating a “zero edge”. The overflowing water is so seamless that until you touch the aquarium would you realize that the water is actually spilling over giving the tank a natural look.

As the water overflows the edge of the aquarium it collects along the “Perimeter Drain Channel” and drains into the sump that lies in the cabinet below. The water is then pumped back up through returns lines located at the bottom of the tank. The major key to its successful operation is that the water maintains an oxygen rich quality and a magnified crystal clear view. These tanks are appealing and very easy to take care of; they can be viewed all the way around including looking down. No unsightly cords or powerheads to distract from the beauty of the tank.

All Classic Zero Edge Aquariums give you that custom aquarium look and quality. These experts handcraft the aquariums at their facility in Illinois using only the highest grade of cast acrylic available. Each tank showcases rounded edges and beautifully bonded seams. Each tank comes complete with easy to set up instructions and quick attachment plumbing hoses and fittings. They are available in various sizes as well.

100 Gallon Large Hexagon System

This Touch Tank Model grew from the “Classic Series” Hex Model. This system is awesome with a group of five people celebrating the trendiest way. Because of its Hex shape there is plenty of room to stand around the aquarium for demonstrations and hands on interaction.

The image provided is of one of the 100 Gallon Large Hexagons located on a resort in Hawaii. This tank is located outside and showcases creatures direct from the ocean. This system can be purchased as a Tank only or as a Complete Set.

Tranquility series

The ZeroEdge Tranquility Series was created with the interior design in mind. These unique and flexible water features with their gentle overflowing trickle of water and crystal clear viewing area add a serene yet bracing presence to any interior space. They can be used to display fish, plants and art and are perfect for a spa, restaurant, meeting room, lobby or home. Add a little Feng Shui to your next design project with The ZeroEdge Tranquility Series. You just cannot deny falling for this exquisite tank.

40 Gallon Classroom System

The Classroom Touch Tank was designed as a portable system that is easily moved from classroom to classroom. The stand is built of durable Seaboard material complete with heavy duty rolling casters. The system can operate as a cold or warm water aquarium. It is ADA compliant and overall measures 36” x 30” x 35” tall. This tank is built of Cast Acrylic. Allow the students to explore and relax as they go deep into their creative imaginations.

100 Gallon Aquaculture System

This Touch Tank Model was designed for use as a growing center for corals and clams. The almost still look of the water movement creates an oxygen rich environment that helps to increase the overall health of the animal life. The center “Overflowing” tank comes complete with a CNC cut RTA Coral Grid making it easy to display all your propagated corals as well as clams. This is the best that any saltwater aquarist can lay hands on and trust me you will not regret the bucks you throw over it. This system can be purchased as a Tank only or as a Complete Set.