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Blue Reef Aquarium – You New Touring Destination






For all you reef fans if you are looking forward to an educational cum fun outing with your friends or family, blue reef aquariums are perhaps the right place for you. They are located at four different locations and you can consider the one that is nearest or closest to your convenience; Hastings, Newquay, Portsmouth, Tynemouth. You can get the details about all the places from aquariums’ website.

Black tip reef shark is the largest of all the species of sharks they have at Blue Reef Newquay and they can grow up to almost 2 meters in length. Closely related to Tiger and Bull sharks they live and hunt on Coral Reefs. They give birth to live young which can hunt as soon as they are born.

Giant Pacific octopus is extremely intelligent creatures belonging to the Cephalopod family which also contains cuttlefish and the prehistoric nautilus; they are also distantly related to the common garden snail! With three hearts, blue blood and a brain shaped like a donut they are truly a unique animal! Come and see the marvelous creature here!

The centerpiece of the aquarium is the spectacular coral reef housed within a giant ocean display. The reef is home to exotic species like angelfish, puffer fish, wrasse and hundreds of other brightly colored species as well as a variety of sharks, including the graceful black tip reef shark, as well as rays, moray eels and lionfish. Enjoy really close encounters from inside the amazing underwater walkthrough tunnel running through the centre of the reef.

Maintaining excellent water clarity and quality the marine experts are able to propagate a diverse range of hard and soft corals. Used to create naturally themed habitats for the brightly colored reef fish watch the mesmerizing soft corals pulse in the flow of the current.

Discover the amazing diversity of species found on Cornish coasts, these tanks are dedicated to our local unsung heroes, including colorful wrasse, pipefish, sea bream, bass and weaver fish. Highlighting some of the local species of sharks and rays these tanks will open your eyes!

Crabs, lobsters and shrimps have been the masters of our seas since before the age of the dinosaurs. From rockpools to deep sea trenches crustacean have colonized most environments. Encounter comical cleaner shrimps and hermit crabs to giant spider crabs and ancient lobsters – there’s even one species of crab that likes dressing up!

One of the smallest crocodilians, Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman grows to a maximum of 1.5m. Originating from the Amazon rainforest they feed on fish, amphibians and small mammals, storing excess fat in their tails as an energy reserve. Like all rainforest creatures they are at risk from mass deforestation which is destroying their habitats.

Sea turtles are at risk from many different threats in their natural habitats; Omiros their Loggerhead turtle was rescued in Greece with damage to his eyes meaning he is blind and could not be released. He’s about 35 years old and weighs almost 100kg! Loggerhead turtles can migrate over 9,000 miles from where they hatch!

Blue Reef’s dedicated team of aquarists are actively involved in pioneering captive breeding programs for a wide range of both native and tropical species. Their nursery displays provide the perfect environment for many species including captive-bred baby clownfish and seahorses. Other breeding successes include sharks, rays, pipefish, jellyfish, cuttlefish and many more. Bring your toddlers to meet their tiddlers!