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Coralife Aqua Galoonove Your Hobby Just Got Easier

Coralife Energy Savers brings you the best solution you have always been looking for handing your aquatic pets and products. It is not very surprising that many aquarists develop a sensitive skin over a period of time from handling harsh corals and other such livestock. In the beginning you may not feel the need to use gloves while taking care of your aquarium or pond but soon you will regret not being cautious right from the beginning. Especially a saltwater aquarist must use a glove every time he puts his hand inside the tank since longtime exposure to saltwater can cause skin troubles like cracked hands, etc. Here is a must have product for all aquarists.

Coralife Aqua Gloves come in full-arm length with elastic bands to grasp them securely on the upper arm. The gloves measure 28″ in overall length and are made of the finest PVC material with fiber-reinforced sleeves. The Aqua Gloves are especially designed to let the aquarist work capably inside the aquarium without causing any contamination to the water. The gloves keep arms and hands utterly dry, thus avoiding any risk of skin contact with the water and its inhabitants, which averts stings and allergic reactions.

There are many of corals and anemones that get stressed easily when they are being transferred to a new environment. At times as these some even release chemicals that are toxins and can cause skin allergies and in some cases can prove fatal as well. We are also aware of the stinging anemones that can harm the aquarists when he might be trying to clean the tank or hover around for any other purpose. It is hence safer if you use these gloves as a preventive measure.

Using gloves while working with aquarium and aquatic pets is also a great measure to prevent water contamination. You may unknowingly introduce some harmful bacteria to the tank from your hand and face its evil consequences sooner or later. No hobbyist would want their efforts to be spoilt by a tiny mistake as this. These gloves are made from the finest PVC material and prevent allergic reactions and contamination.

Coralife is one of the markets leading manufacturers of premium aquarium products so you can trust the quality of its products. Keep your hands dry even while cleaning your tanks or handling aquatic pets and stocks. This way your sensitive skin is completely protected from any sort of allergic reactions. This product is great for those owning a pond. They are quite maneuverable and durable.

They are also very good to have on if you have to wash something with hot water because they are thick enough that they shield your hands from the direct heat. Curing live rocks just got easier, isn’t it? Continued contact with salt water can cause “salt burns” which you detect only after years of working with a saltwater tank. These gloves are wonders for aquascaping as well and of course if you do not want those critters to come and welcome your hands when they are dipped in water.