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Aqua Mist Add-a-Stone Aerating Aquarium Ornaments

Aquarium is not just about fish keeping or as a matter of fact, loving the environment, in this case, marine water. There are several other substances like substrates and ornaments that make a complete reef tank. These not only complete the aquarium but enhance the look of your tank as well, which you would love to watch yourself and show to others.

One such ornamentation that you can opt for is Aqua Mist Add-a-Stone Aerating Aquarium Ornaments by Penn-Plax, which not only makes your tank beautiful but your fish would love to breathe and play in the bubbles. With the Aqua Mist Add-A-Stone aerating ornaments you can create a beautiful flow of bubbles that will add to the décor while helping to aerate your aquarium.

Made of a durable porous material, each Aqua Mist Add-A-Stone can be connected to your air pump and tubing, which is not included, using the standard 3/16″ tubing connection to provide an endless stream of bubbles. There is also a second connection, which allows for the addition of more air stones or ornaments so there is no need to run an additional lines all the way back to your valves or pumps.

The Aqua Mist Add-A-Stone can be set at any angle in your tank and can be buried without fear of clogging. Approximately 2″ wide, these stones are available in two sizes: 5-1/2″ and 10″ lengths and will look perfect in your underwater environment.

The prices are as follows:

1) 10” Add-A-Stone- Originally priced at $7.99, you can get it at a cost of $5.49 & free shipping on orders over $25 at So you save $2.50 at a discount of 31%, if you order now.

2) 3-Pack 10” Add-A-Stone- at a price of $13.95 after a discount of 18 percent from the original price of $16.95.

3) 5-1/2” Add-A-Stone- would cost you $5.95.
It is 6x1x2 inches in size and weighs 0.8 ounces. This item is also available for shipping to selected countries outside US.

It is 6x1x2 inches in size and weighs 0.8 ounces. This item is also available for shipping to selected countries outside US.

Moreover, it has a great customer response. The fish would love it – playing in the bubbles! Its hassle free hooking system attracts the customers most as some of them has accepted that it is easy to attach and self-explanatory and you are ready to go.

Another quality of the Aqua Mist, that the customers love is its durability. Made of durable plastic, it would long last as another customers reports, “Long time ago, I had a small tank with some community fish in it and I got a bubble wall and fell in love instantly. It not only aerates the tank but it creates an attraction for both the fish and the tank watcher. My fish love playing in the bubbles and shooting themselves to the top. I like the sound it makes. It is very soothing to hear the water running all the time. I am buying a bigger one for my new 55 gal tank that I just got.”