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Aquadream at Moroccan Mall

year at the new Morocco Mall in Casablanca. Aquadream, the 9.3 meter tall acrylic aquarium designed and built by International Concept Management, Inc. (ICM), is the centerpiece of the deluxe Moroccan mall.

ICM designed the acrylic aquarium as an engaging experience focusing on the importance of preserving the world’s oceans. To accomplish this, the one million liter acrylic aquarium – more than 1,000 metric tons of saltwater – resembles an upside-down cone that immerses guests for five minutes into the ocean from within a glass elevator traveling in an inner acrylic cylinder in center of the tank.

Aquadream brings you this wondrous and strange world so that you can enjoy over 30 species of the most treasured wonders of the sea found on our planet. The aim of Aquadream is to be a journey of discovery and a world of dreams that quench the curiosity of both adults and kids. And that’s what the massive aquarium at Morocco Mall does, giving us a window into the depths of a world that has forever fascinated us with its incredible undersea creatures. It’s a pleasure that will fill your hearts with peace and tickle your senses with wonder. It’s an incredibly fun and educational experience that casts a light on the thriving living organisms beneath the sea’s surface, and a reminder of the importance of protecting the environment and the sea’s eco-systems. Thanks to Aquadream’s circular shape, you’ll enjoy a 360-degree view of amazing sea creatures such as large fish like the Cowtail Stingray, the Blacktip Reef Shark, the Bowmouth Guitarfish and the Zebra Shark, not to mention the multi-colored fish that live amongst the coral reefs in the heart of the protected eco-system.

ICM CEO Roger R. Reynolds III said: “Aquadream presented challenges in the complexity of the design. But with our collective expertise working on the AquaDom cylindrical aquarium in Berlin, we successfully designed and built this acrylic aquarium to fulfill the vision of the project while maintaining our strict safety standards.”

ICM also managed the aquarium installation in its entirety, including designing the coral reef to be accurate, functional, and safe; selecting aquatic animals that cohabitate; and designing the lighting, filtration systems, and control panels for the aquarium with fail safes to keep everything running safely at minimal levels until the full system can be restored. Additionally, the backwash recovery system recycles aquarium water, generating significant operational savings.

RPT assisted ICM with engineering, manufacturing, and assembly of the acrylic panels. Transportation restrictions required RPT to build the cone in seven sections which were then bonded together once on-site, while sister company RPT Asia, Ltd. supplied the inner cylinder for the elevator.

The exterior of the cone-shaped aquarium is 12.1 meters in diameter at the bottom of the cone and 13.4 meters in diameter at the top, with acrylic panels 7.8 meters tall and 12cm thick. The inner cylinder is 3.4 meters in diameter and 10cm thick.

Aquadream isn’t just about satisfying your curiosity; it aims to be a valuable source of information about a hidden world at the bottom of the sea. That’s why they are offering a number of innovative and educational tools to help you learn more about the oceans and seas through touch screen, brochures, and information about Aquadream, making this experience in Morocco a unique one you’ll remember for a lifetime.