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800 GPH Powerhead Aquarium Pump Wave Maker

Do you keep your aquarium as a showpiece in your drawing room or is it your hobby? Do you love ocean or just the fish? Do you love the colours of fish or the blue water in your living room? If you love ocean, do you want a real feel of the waves or in case you love your fish won’t you love to see them swim across the waves? Even if you love both, don’t you want the actual feel of sea in a nutshell or in this case in a tank, much smaller as compared to the vast stretch of ocean.

For this, we need to create artificial waves, which should be safe for your aquatic life as well. It is tough to choose such pumps, as these are ample in market but you need one, which are both excellent in performance and easy with your pockets.

One such product is 800 GPH Powerhead Aquarium Pump Wave Maker by Tech’ n ‘Toy on At just $ 16.98, it is an inexpensive way to improve water movement especially for saltwater coral, reef or fish tanks. So, no more dead spots or inanimate living space in your tank. It would clear and revitalize your aquarium.

It is submersible in water and has oil-free motor to avoid water-pollution, which is completely safe for the aquatic lives in your aquarium. Since it needs to be submersed in water, it has been made waterproof which makes it safe and reliable.

It has 800-gph flux and a widespread range just like the real ocean, which is ideal for marine aquarium.
It has 360-degree rotation to allow full-flow of water in all directions and suction cups with articulating ball joints for versatile directions.

This item can be used to improve oxygenation as well as to let your fish, corals and other aquatics enjoy a vital and energetic ocean-like circumstance.

And, it is ready to be operated upon arrival. An extremely low energy consuming machine, it just requires 6 watt power. So it is even light on your electricity bills.

Power: 110V / 60Hz

Weighing just four pounds, it is easy to install. Just clip the cupula anywhere inside the tank, which sticks to the glass perfectly, plug in the power and it starts working.

Moreover, the consumer response is excellent. Many of them giving it a five-star, they are mostly satisfied with the great price, which is almost half of other similar products. One of the customers said it cost her same price as the one with half the GPH that is 400gph.

The pump is so powerful that this is even good for a tank capacity of 50-90 gallon. As another customer said, “The flow is excellent, they work great and haven’t had an issue yet! CHEAP TOO!”
In addition, the pumps are very quiet and does not disturb the aquatic lives, and if you position them right, they do create “waves”, states another.

Above all, it’s through So, you do not have to worry about delivery time, which is quick enough.