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Dormero Hotel Rotes Ross Reef Aquarium

The Domero Hotel Rotes Ross has an exclusively beautiful reef tank that catches the attention of visitors more than anything else in the hotel. The video of the tank got recently featured at Youtube and was soon popular among reef enthusiasts. The tank is so beautifully stocked with colorful corals and fishes that I could not help but wonder how this tank was never featured anywhere before.

From the video you can make out that the Dormero Rotes Ross’ vivacious reef aquarium is stocked with apparently every type of coral and fish under the sea. The variety is what makes the tank look so different and appealing. The aquarium is dominated by soft corals but also includes SPS, LPS, polyps, mushrooms, azoox corals, and gorgonians in addition to countless reef fish. And you will be shocked to know that it’s also home to two large eels.

The video might be somewhat gritty and excessively flooded, but this reef tank is irrefutably stunning and packed with all sorts of life. Soft corals and fishes add vibrant movement to the exhibit while the other invertebrates add structure and color. We would definitely want to know what are the brands of equipments used in the tank but it looks like very little have been dived about this place.

The two impressive large moray eels are things you don’t often see in coral reef aquariums. It’s really cool to see them naturally slither their way through the reef. It is amazingly impressive to see the way it moves smoothly amongst the corals and steers its way like it has known the place since a long time. There is a large Zebra Moray which might look like a creature that should not be there inside amongst all the delicate corals and fishes and you might get mistake it to be a hunter but the aquarist who has been managing the whole setup says that over the years this creature seems to have caused no harm at all.

Hats off to the aquarist who is behind this amazingly beautiful reef tank! It really takes a genius to think that such diverse species of corals, fishes and eels could reside under a single setup without harming the life of each other. This tank could be such an inspiration for all those beginner aquarists who are rather afraid of experimenting with ideas.