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Reef Aquarium Volume 3 comes on iTunes

The admired Reef Aquarium Volume 3 has just been released in digital form on iBooks. You can’t call it an ebook, but the third volume in the revered The Reef Aquarium series is available to read and view on your iPad and other iDevices.
TRA3, the newly released digital version weighs practically nothing, and is substantially searchable and you can even copy and paste from the text and win that reef aquarium squabble you and your friends have had about Magnesium’s role in precipitate poisoning of calcium carbonate.

Of all The Reef Aquariums, volume 3 is the most information packed one with details on more modern-day reef aquarium techniques. Out of the three books it’s truly the one that takes information to the next level, so it’s good news that they chose TRA3 to release in digital format first.

Even if you have the book volume 3 in paperback, you are definitely going to love this version as it is really friendlier and admired way of reading this kind of information packed books. Kudos to Charles and Julian for having written a reef aquarium reference with such useful information and relevant topics which you can now download for $24.99 on iTunes!

If you still don’t have the paperback versions of all the three books, you can grab them here:

1. The Reef Aquarium: A Comprehensive Guide to the Identification and Care of Tropical Marine Invertebrates (Volume 1)

This book is the “bible” on the subject of Reef Aquarium keeping, covering the biology of coral reefs and relating it to the biological, chemical, and physical parameters considered when creating a reef aquarium. The book details how to successfully cultivate corals in captivity and also features the identification and care of numerous coral and giant clam species. Diseases and parasites, and methods for controlling algae are also featured. The book finishes with an exciting section of photographs demonstrating successful reef aquariums.

2. The Reef Aquarium, Vol. 2: A Comprehensive Guide to the Identification and Care of Tropical Marine Invertebrates

This second volume in the series features the anemones and soft corals associated with reefs, detailing their biology and husbandry requirements, and featuring numerous species descriptions, with the benefit of wonderful color photographs. Also featured is new information regarding parasites in reef aquariums, and captive culture of anemones and soft corals. The book finishes with another section featuring more stunning images of reef aquariums around the world.

3. The Reef Aquarium, Vol. 3: Science, Art, and Technology

Reef keeping science involves the interplay of biology, chemistry, and physics. However, a reef aquarium is not simply a product of scientific knowledge. The application of engineering and its product technology makes it possible to duplicate the specific biological, chemical, and physical requirements of a coral reef in a relatively small volume of water. This third volume in The Reef Aquarium series, provides the most thorough description of the science behind the creation of a captive reef, and critically reviews and explains the different philosophical approaches to reef aquarium design. It also describes and illustrates the existing as well as emerging technology for building reef aquariums, to help guide the selection of equipment, its proper use, and installation.

While science and technology afford the blank canvas and tools to build a suitable life support system, the plants, animals, and of course the aquarist provide the final ingredient that we call art. This art also involves the system design as it relates to the living space, the aesthetic appearance of the display, and its ease of maintenance, safety, and functionality. To this end, this book provides a wealth of information regarding aquascaping techniques, which combine art, biology, and physics; and invaluable information regarding plumbing, electrical, and other aspects of the aquarium design that combine art and engineering. Lastly, this book discusses the benefits and potential environmental impacts of the marine aquarium hobby, the challenges for its future, and possible new directions. The Reef Aquarium volume three is the essential manual for all reef aquarium hobbyists, professional aquarists, and coral reef researchers who study, create, and enjoy coral reef ecosystems in the confines of an aquarium.