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Hydrofarm Air Pumps are inexpensive and effective

We all want the most efficient pumps and accessories for our aquarium but at the same time you cannot deny the fact that the overall cost of maintenance of a reef tank burns a hole in your pocket. To cut the cost, we are driven towards buying local products that are somewhat affordable. Though most local brands will offer you the same features and assure of efficiency yet you have that fear of its getting failure and losing your precious livestock in the process. Here is an air pump that is reasonably priced and comes from a reputed brand that is known to deliver effective aquarium products.

Hydrofarm produces an inexpensive line of powerful air pumps that all feature adjustable flow rates. They also include models with multiple ports ranging up to as many as 8 outlets. Available in 4 models as follows:

It is ideal for running several Waterfarms or multiple air stones at once. Electrical magnetic air compressor in a high quality aluminum alloy case is just the thing needed to have a smooth running air pump for any aquarium. Wear and tear-resistant material id used for cylinder and piston. You can be assured of high pressure and high output. It comes with high quality copper, individually controllable air divider.

These pumps are super silent with multi-level muffler. The special artificial rubber keeps a steady air flow output and pressure that can be adjusted freely. Low power consumption and adjustable air flow are some more of its dependable features.

Some consumers have expressed that only Hydrofarm pumps don’t fail when you run them 24/7. With those other brands the nozzle responsible for pushing out air is made of plastic. Every plastic nozzle eventually broke off one day and kills the plants before you even knew what went wrong.

The airline was connected only once after unboxing. With that said if you never touch the air pump and leave it running, it should last for years and years. And even if anything goes wrong you need not worry as it come with a year’s guarantee.

Hydrofarm is the one of the oldest and largest wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and high-intensity grow lights.

Hydrofarm products incorporate only premium quality components, and the professional-grade hydroponics and UL-listed equipments gives years of dependable service. Recently they have enhanced their product and packaging quality as well. Find new package designs that brands items as Hydrofarm’s latest high tech offerings. The packages are not just boxes waiting to be discarded – the fronts have large, crisp pictures, with clear descriptions of benefits and important features. Sides offer diagrams and call-outs, specifications, compatible cross-sells, and complete translations in Spanish and French.
Hydrofarm products are available everywhere with 6 Distribution Locations to Serve You!

1. HYDROFARM WEST, 2249 S. McDowell Ext. Petaluma CA 94954. 800.634.9990
2. HYDROFARM MOUNTAIN , 400 Burbank St., Unit A, Broomfield, CO 80020. 800.634.9990
3. HYDROFARM EAST, 270 Canal Road, Fairless Hills, PA 19030. 888.780.4567
4. HYDROFARM SOCAL, 12991 Leffingwell Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. 800.634.9990
5. HYDROFARM CENTRAL, 950 Avenue S, Grand Prairie TX 75050. 800.634.9999
6. HYDROFARM SOUTHEAST, 12600 NW 115th Avenue, Medley, FL 33178. 877.780.4567