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Sicce LED fixture – The Game Changer in Reef illumination

SICCE entered the LED lighting market with sophisticated style and proven results. Instead of using the high-output diodes found in most LED units, these new fixtures imitate natural sunlight by incorporating a profusion of low power white LEDs and high output blue LEDs for great penetration and uniformity of light. The lamps are mounted on printed circuit boards and are supplied with constant current power packs that operate well below the so-called nominal current. This design guarantees the longest possible lamp life and maximum energy efficiency.

The LED lamp field is sandwiched between a silver anodized aluminum heat radiator and a thick layer of acrylic. This creates a sleek, modern appearance, but, more importantly, this design avoids using a noisy fan, making our fixtures completely silent. Without a fan, the units remain dust-free longer, too.

SICCE LED watertight fixtures are manufactured to exacting standards with zero chance of lamp placement errors and to optimize lowest possible operating temperatures and heat dissipation without the noise common to ventilating fans. The double o-ring sealed LED lamps are completely watertight preventing oxidation of electronic cards by contact with water and humidity.

After more than a year of collaborative testing with experts in the industry, the perfect ratio of white to blue lamps for maximum coral growth was determined. Whereas most aquarium LED lights use either high output or low output LEDs, SICCE LED light uses multiple rows of white diodes supplemented by higher-output blue diodes – 28 high powered blue LEDs and 392 white LEDs in the AM466 in a ratio of 14 white LEDs to one blue LED. SICCE blue LEDs have an emission peak at 446nm, producing the blue color that many reef aquarists find most attractive over corals, and complimentary to the cool white look of most white LEDs.

Other manufacturers incorporate red LEDs into their fixtures and claim to achieve higher output and greater energy efficiency. In reality, higher energy efficiency can only be achieved by pushing the wattage to 1 watt per diode. Incorporating chips that operate at greater than 1 watt actually decreases performance. 1 watt = 100 lumens, while 2 watts = 170 lumen, not 200 lumens, as would be expected. Red LEDs simply consume more power.

SICCE LEDs have an average color temperature of 14,000˚ Kelvin, because we use a higher number of white and fewer blue LEDs. They claim to have achieved the perfect balance between proper illumination for reef organisms and energy efficiency by using this combination. SICCE LED lighting systems have separate controls permitting the blue and white LEDs to be turned on and off independently. A factory-set sunrise/sunset feature comes standard with all units, but may be disabled without compromising either illumination or efficiency. With a compact, energy efficient, sleek design and effective illumination, SICCE sets the new standard in LED lighting.

SICCE LED Lighting, a product of over 30 years of technical and design experience, provides these important features:

• High-efficiency LED lamps for maximum lumen output and minimal power consumption
• Optimized for even illumination over the entire tank
• Safe, efficient and SILENT heat dissipation without noisy fans
• Light spectrum does not shift over time
• Modular design is ready to upgrade when you are
• Built-in timer with sunrise/sunset program option
• 5-year warranty.

Perfect for tanks from 16 to 96 inches long! The Sicce Minu LED model has separate switches for each lighting module (blue and white). The other three models have built in sunrise and sunset modules. All models come with everything you need for quick and simple installation. Units can be easily combined to illuminate larger tanks.