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Tung Choi Street in Hongkong is an Aquarist’s Paradise





The Tung Choi Street in Hong Kong (Kowloon side) is the ornamental fish street widely famous for the most species of livestock and aquarium products. There are hundreds of ornamental fish and accessory shops, almost everyone specialized in certain fish groups like goldfish, Nishikigoi (koi), South- and Central American fishes, Malawi-Tanganyika fishes, Asian fishes or just arowanas – the highly priced dragon fish from Asia, Australia, Africa and South America. There are also shops specialized in aquatic plants and exclusive marine stores. One can find pure accessory or supply stores and totally mixed shops, which have everything for the hobby.
The goldfish market itself has more than 40 aquarium shops, which line both sides of Tung Choi Street. In Hong Kong, the goldfish is the most admired pet fish and aquarium shops tend to either specialize in goldfish or at least have a few tanks of goldfish to attract customers.

When walking Tung Choi Street it is an absolute must to behold the varieties and quantities of goods and accessories in the aquarium shops. You are sure to get intimidated by the ingenuity of shop owners in making full use of their limited space to display their wares “Mongkok style”, where everything is packed, from arrays of plastic bags packed with small tropical fishes to the large goldfish in the tanks. The attention-grabbing exhibits make it tricky for even the most casual window-shopper to go home empty handed.

With the voracious demand for goldfish, there are new shipments every week and the various shops schedule their new arrivals for different days of the week. So you can never anticipate the stocks of goldfish at the market to hang about the same for any span of time. With some luck, you will have an opportunity to experience personally the jubilation of the local goldfish hobbyists challenging for the choicest picks of the new shipments.

The aquarium shops specializing in goldfish are well stocked with large brightly colored goldfish. The serious fanatics will be confused of choice and get boggled by the sheer numbers of goldfish concurrently pompous dancing around themselves to passers-by. You will surely forget your budget and go picking about the most glamorous of them and then when you come back to your senses you might realize you have a whole lot of livestock to decorate more aquariums that you have back home.

As night falls, the bazaar grows even busier and unfeasible as it seems, there are even more multi-colored goods embellishing the street sides. The streets of Mongkok are even more vivacious and teeming by night than by day. That’s enough said; simply putting this can be your next aquatic tour.