az egészségbiztosítás hordozhatóságáról és elszámoltathatóság törvény hipaa gyermek egészségügyi Szövetség óra után

Another Light Emitting Fishy Fish

We recently learnt from a new discovery that fishes too emit neon lights in dark and we talked about it in one of our previous articles. Here is something ghostly discovered. Though this video has been captured before this discovery was officially announced, there is a lot in it that proves that perhaps some people ignorantly knew this from before.

This anthias fish is collected from the reefs of Bali and as the video shows it glows into a brilliant shade of purple. There are superstitious predictions being made that there must be a radioactive uranium vein which is bringing about this transformation or mutation if we can call it to this reef fish. It is quite possible that the collectors of Bali are showing particular interest to these unusual specimens. We are more sure of the later being more of a possibility.

In recent years, we have encountered many a special treat as these by the collectors from Bali where they have emerged with these unusually surprising specimens for the aquarium trade like Tigerpyges and hybrid Genicanthus angelfishes. There is no comparison in brilliance with the golden brown clown fish from Bali but this purple anthias is also competing in the same line.

There are sources that mention of this fish being seen in the aquarium trades of Thailand and Hong Kong, as reported by some kind of rare fish secret agents. It is also being said that this bizarrely pastel anthias has been accessible to a few countries in Asia, but it is yet to be known where exactly are these reachable.

It is PetBalloon of Osaka Japan who uploaded a few and a video (the one shown above) of this ethereal Pseudanthias from Bali. Since then there are assumptions being made about its identity and the species to which it exactly belongs. If you consider its body form and fins, it looks to bear resemblance to a female of Pseudanthias randalli. However, the bizarre purple eye and spruce is the element of confusion making way for a presumption that a new discovery has been ignorantly made.

There are also chances of this fish being already described in the scientific sea of names and identities and since not many are found, they must not have gained attention. This is possible too but since now the web knows it, we are pretty sure, this brilliant looking pastel fishes will not remain ghostly for long and will earn an identity of its own.

Let’s not make any more guesses regarding the identity of this fish for we are sure, there awaits a brighter future for a stunningly gorgeous fish as this. This anthias looks amazing enough to earn a special place or a personal aquarium of it in any aquarist’s collection. We can’t deny being curious over these weirdly exceptional eyes of this fishy fish. It’s got to be very proud of the eyes since that’s where Mother Nature imparted it exceptionality.

Want to get one for your tank immediately? Well you would think of it twice once you know that it is priced at an unimagined price of $5,600 USD.