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ORA Farms Introduces Jaguar Goby – Gobiopsis Quinquecincta

Welcome the first newly bred fish in ORA farms, Gobiopsis quinquecincta or Jaguar Goby as they haved named it. It is an outstandingly beautiful fish with features and looks never seen before. Goby enthusiasts are going to love this breed for their inherent easiness in marinating and the particularly distinguishing patterns of it.

People at ORA farms encountered this fish in a small group before three years in Japan but then it was not a recognized species and there was hardly any information on them. The invoice from its owners claimed it to be Astrabe sp. The fish flourished well in their aquarium but there was very little they knew about its origination and source. They were also under a doubt of whether this was the fish that hunted down Esteban.

After a while, when the fish has started thriving in their aquarium, ORA farm sent the specimens to Naomi Delventhal at the University of Manitoba so that details of the species and genes in the fish could be researched upon and a conclusion could be made. It was Naomi who first confirmed that this species was not any Astrabe but was rather Gobiopsis quinquecincta.

Usually Jaguar gobies are found to bear five separate bands or saddles that along with the years of its growth might join to form a distinct pattern. Their heads are of the color of the bands and the nasal pores are distinguishable giving them a disheveled and messy appearance. The original specimen never grew in size above 2 inches but their offspring that bred in the aquarium have grown about an inch or two bigger than them.

This fish is very hardy and are an excellent choice for reef aquariums handled by both experts and newbie alike. There are other sources claiming that fish are also accessible from sand & rubble zones at 0-10 meters in place including Sri Lanka, Palau, Malaysia, the Philippines and the Andaman Sea. Their color and pattern makes them attractive enough to make it to the list of adored saltwater compatible fishes. Dark graphic stripes distinguish gallantly adjacent to a pale yellow body color to give the Jaguar Goby an antique look.

These fishes will make it into small saltwater aquariums for their size and species that are known to thrive well in reef tanks. For their small size, it would be more recognizable in small sized tanks where it will be easily visible. These enigmatic fishes are an attractive possession for reef tanks where they adjust quite well but only after they have got adjusted well to the new atmosphere. They do show aggressive behavior if they encounter a threat and if a proper hiding place is not made accessible to them. They do well in groups but before that make sure you introduce rocks and hiding caves for them so that they never get in a brawl. It should be fed twice daily. Its diet varies from live and frozen brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, to live black worms and prepared foods for carnivores.